Accelerate lateral hire onboarding

Intapp Intake

Expedite lateral hire onboarding

Accelerate the onboarding and risk assessment of your next lateral hire with a secure digital workflow — eliminating the need for re-keying information. Craft a customizable questionnaire that candidates can complete externally, on their own time. Then, automatically distribute the candidate’s information among team members for conflicts review and marketing promotion.


Onboard lateral hires faster with Intapp Intake and securely integrate external information into your internal system

Proactive management

Gain early access to client and lateral data for informed decision-making.

White-glove experience

Empower the lateral hire to upload data at their convenience and all in one place.

Simplified onboarding processes

Collect information all at once and reduce internal administrative burden.

Accelerate lateral hire onboarding and expand your business

Secure data collection

Provide a unique, external login environment for the candidate to enter their data.

Onboarding process automation

Integrate the external information into firm systems for processing and review.

Configurable questionnaires

Build dynamic forms to efficiently and accurately capture data.

Risk and AML scoring

Define risk-based criteria to automatically score and apply approval and escalation routing.

Intapp Intake data integrations

Ensure your firm is making optimal risk-based decisions by integrating corporate tree, industry code, and sanctions lists data from trusted sources.

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