Transforming Business Development - The Data Quality Dilemma

Intapp’s Darryl Cross recently had the honor of partnering with Chris Fritsch of CLIENTSFirst Consulting and David Freeman of the David Freeman Consulting Group, on a webinar about leveraging technology to support business development techniques for the current times.

Founder and Business Development Technology Success Consultant, Chris Fritsch, spoke about the importance of data quality during her presentation. Watch this short video for a deeper dive on the strategic value of this essential, yet often underutilized, step in developing new business opportunities for your team.

The Data Quality Dilemma

Up to 30% of data quality degrades each year

Problems caused by bad data:

  • Inaccurate targeting and segmenting
  • Messages missing their mark
  • Difficulty measuring ROI
  • Decline of technology adoption
  • Missed revenue opportunities
  • Data privacy compliance issues

Learn how to “assess the mess” and put together an action plan to overcome the data quality dilemma for your firm.

Click here to watch the full 50-minute webinar and keep an eye out for new techniques which we’ll be posting on the Intapp blog each Thursday for the next four weeks.

Video produced by Rob Kates of Kates Media

Written by:

Chris Fritsch, J.D.

Business Development Technology Success Consultant and Founder

CLIENTSFirst Consulting

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