Intapp integrates technology and information across the client life cycle

Intapp Technology Supports Client Lifecycle Management

Intapp supports professional services firms by providing cloud-based platforms and integrating technology and information across the client lifecycle. Once implemented, the potential impact of the connected firm management solution is far-reaching.

The cloud-based client management software leverages data, automation, and AI to interrogate and analyze information on clients, projects, matters, and people, regardless of where the information was originally captured. Intapp client management software supports use cases including profitability analysis, risk management, client journey mapping, and pitch support.

There are three main components to the Intapp client lifecycle management solution:

  • Client development – includes features typically used by marketing and business development staff, supporting tasks like pricing, client experience mapping, pitch support, and key-client management
  • Business acceptance – includes features typically used by risk management and compliance teams, supporting tasks like onboarding and client acceptance, conflict checking and management, terms and conditions monitoring, and ethical walls operation
  • Client delivery – includes features typically used by the finance department, supporting tasks like time recording, project management, and workflow analysis, as well as cross-selling initiatives

Client Development to Empower Professionals

Powerful searches
Intapp client management lifecycle software can search for narratives on time records, emails, documents, and bills. This means that even if firm professionals haven’t coded or classified information — whether within practice management, financial, human resources, time recording, web sites, or other systems — Intapp client management software can still find this data via its elastic searches. This makes it easy to find relevant experience across people, transactions, or sectors, and allows you to analyze the profitability of different types of work or referrers, or prepare pitches and tenders. Intapp cloud-based client management software’s machine learning component means that the system can also identify trends that require further investigation.

Smart data capture
Intapp features passive data capture that makes research easier. Its products and solutions can automatically grab corporate trees and other relevant data via third-party data integrations with S&P Global, D&B, and Bureau van Dijk. Some firms use data sources to automate staff onboarding, automatically updating all systems with information about new people.

Intapp cloud-based client management software also supports active data capture. Whenever the AI discovers unverified or missing information in the firm’s systems, the Intapp client management software automatically alerts fee-earners, prompting them to complete it. One U.K. law firm found that its team acted on more than 90% of these alerts, resulting in more than 1,000 updated credentials statements in the firm’s systems.

Implications for marketing and business development

The lack of data has been a perennial barrier to marketing and business development success in professional service firms. Data is often held within time-recording or practice management systems rather than within the firm’s CRM or other central repository — or, worse, within the heads of fee-earners.

Integrated software solutions that provide access to all firm data — and supplement it with verified external sources — allow marketers and business developers to power all manner of processes, from profitability analysis and pricing through client lifecycle management and cross-selling and on to pitching and tendering.

There’s clearly a competitive advantage available to firms who adopt integrated software solutions to improve efficiency and identify ways to innovate their internal operations and external service delivery.

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