Meet Our January Intapp Employee Hero, Guido Peruzzi

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Guido Peruzzi, our latest Intapp Hero honoree, works as a billing and account receivable analyst based out of our Palo Alto, California headquarters. Each month, Peruzzi takes on the challenging task of ensuring our clients are billed properly and on time. Peruzzi has a knack for spotting and resolving potential issues before they arise, empowering us to consistently deliver on our promise of exceptional client service.

“Guido is a person of integrity who takes pride in his work, which has impacted service in a meaningful way,” said Carol Williams, Billing Manager at Intapp. “He works closely with management to ensure procedures and accountability are in place. But it’s not just his work that’s impressive; his attitude is exceptional. His fellow team members come to him frequently with questions, which speaks volumes to the trust they have in him.”

Through his dedication and hard work, Peruzzi embodies the pillars of an Intapp Hero: client advocacy, collaboration, trust, and community support.

We are proud to have Peruzzi on our team, and thank him for his unwavering devotion to provide exceptional client service, lead by example, and serve as a trustworthy and reliable team member. Please join us in congratulating him.

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Written by:

Natalie Papaj

Senior Manager, Global Communications and Public Relations

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