Meet Our February Intapp Client Hero, Diana Black

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Diana Black, our February Intapp Hero, is a natural-born leader with strong analytical skills who helps others understand the user’s perspective and the bigger picture. 

“Diana is the type of person that leads the pack by moving forward and reporting issues to Intapp, on behalf of the entire user base,” said Jack Recinto of Vedder Price, who worked with Black during their time at Baker & McKenzie Global Services. “If she hears something that hasn’t been reported, she’ll pick up the reins and report it directly, and use her channels at Intapp to make sure that all issues are addressed.”

Diana’s strong knowledge of the legal technology field — along with her ability to perceive the best interests and skills of all stakeholders — allows us at Intapp to further enhance our solutions and integration efforts and provide the best service possible to our clients.

We thank Diana for her many contributions to Intapp. 


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Written by:

Natalie Papaj

Senior Manager, Global Communications and Public Relations

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