Meet Our March Intapp Employee Hero, Kyle Washington

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Kyle Washington, our latest Intapp Hero honoree, is a Solution Architect who joined our Intapp family last year.  

As a member of the Relationships Champions team, Washington frequently steps up to help his team create or improve processes, taking on a lot of the work himself and leading projects that may arise. Washington is always willing to identify or resolve issues for clients, even those he is not assigned to, and readily provides assistance and guidance to team members in need of help.  

“Kyle has worked tirelessly across the organization to help ensure client satisfaction for relationships, deployments, and upgrades,” said Kyle Bourne, Implementation Manager at Intapp. “When several unforeseen issues popped up for during various clients’ projects, Kyle quickly escalated and worked with our engineering team to resolve all the issues while managing clients’ expectations and keeping them apprised on the progress.” 

Bourne continued: “In addition to these efforts, Kyle has also been willing to chip in on other Intapp Intapp client project work to help build out best-practices data governance dashboards and improve our internal processes. His hard work, deep technical understanding, and strong consulting skills have made him an invaluable team member.” 

Washington exemplifies the traits of an Intapp Hero with his client advocacy, collaboration, trust, and community support. He continually goes above and beyond to help support clients, fellow team members, and our mission at Intapp.  

Please join us in congratulating Washington as our latest Intapp Hero.  


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Written by:

Natalie Papaj

Senior Manager, Global Communications and Public Relations

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