Transforming Business Development - Measures & Reminders


Intapp’s Darryl Cross recently had the honor of partnering with David Freeman of the David Freeman Consulting Group and Chris Fritsch of CLIENTSFirst Consulting, on a webinar about leveraging technology to support business development techniques for the current times.

CEO David Freeman spoke about the concepts of “measures” and “personal system reminders” during his presentation. Watch this short video to see David do a deeper dive on these concepts and learn how to measure your own business development efforts, hold yourself accountable to them, and create a system of personal reminders to create new habits that will drive growth for your firm.


  • Internal connections
  • Known external contacts
  • Unknown external contacts
  • Favors you can do
  • Value added follow-ups

Personal System Reminders

  • Establish goals
  • Personal contact list
  • Mentor/Shadowing
  • Calendar
  • Regularly scheduled time
  • Buddy system
  • Accountability groups
  • Assistant
  • BD/Marketing department

Click here to watch the full 50-minute webinar and keep an eye out for our final post in this series, which we’ll be publishing on the Intapp blog next Thursday.

Video produced by Rob Kates of Kates Media

Written by:

David Freeman, J.D.


David Freeman Consulting Group

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