Transforming Business Development - Take the Lead

Intapp’s Darryl Cross recently had the honor of partnering with Chris Fritsch of CLIENTSFirst Consulting and David Freeman of the David Freeman Consulting Group, on a webinar about leveraging technology to support business development techniques for the current times. 

Head of Global Sales Enablement, Darryl Cross, spoke about the importance of “protecting the core” by focusing on key clients, colleagues, and influencers during challenging times. In this follow-up, Darryl dives into the importance of taking the lead in order to reinforce your client’s confidence in your services and expertise. Watch this short video to learn how pilots, astronauts, and military officials take the lead, and how you can apply it to your firm’s book of business 

Protect the core: External data  

  • Each lawyer focuses on their top 5 influencers (bankers, brokers, referral sources, etc.  
  • Know the key market drivers affecting the client before they do  
  • Conduct client team meetings where the goal is to make the client more stable  
  • Think two business cycles ahead of each legal problem  
  • Share predications for the client, as well as multiple contingency plans 

Click here to watch the full 50-minute webinar 

Video produced by Rob Kates of Kates Media 

Written by:

Darryl Cross

Head, Global Sales Enablement

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