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Farrer & Co advances their cloud strategy with one unified system for business acceptance

Neil Davison and Anne Tempany of Farrer & Co share how their cloud-first strategy has enabled the firm to streamline their processes and gain immediate benefits with the latest updates and features always available.


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[Neil] I’m Neil Davison, I’m IT Director at Farrer & Co.

[Anne] And I’m Anne Tempany, Project Manager at Farrer’s.

[Neil] The firm’s cloud strategy started in 2013. We selected a document management system that was cloud-based and that really grew into our cloud strategy. At the time there was no direct cloud strategy as such. But our experiences, our positive experiences of selecting that system meant that moving forward, cloud became our system of choice, and pretty much everything we’ve done since 2013 has been a cloud-based system. And that ranges from document management right the way through to a recent move into the Microsoft Azure infrastructure, and then most importantly, of course, recently our Intapp migration.

So when we decided to review our business intake process, we looked at the options available to us. Now clearly, we have a cloud-first strategy. So choosing an Intapp solution actually was fairly simple for us, it was a natural progression to what we were doing already and our existing relationship with Intapp.

The cloud solution was fairly new, but having evaluated it and compared it to the current on-premises system we could use, actually we decided for us that moving our business acceptance or intake process into the cloud was actually the right step for us and just really fit with our existing strategy.

[Anne] So it’s a challenge to change something when people are happy with it and people like the solution. But very quickly we realized that with the Intake and Integrate products there was so much more we could do. So we went through looking at doing a lift and shift to actually redesigning our process to integrate with lots of other systems and PMS and CRMs.

So we had a one-stop shop for our full intake process. So our users can now go to one system rather than to the three or four or even five that they went to previously just to get that intake job done.

[Neil] So having the latest updates released to us on a quarterly basis is great. Compared to an on-premises solution which you might update only every couple of years, where you’re always behind the times, you’re always trying to catch up, it’s a struggle and that’s a problem. By actually having quarterly releases, the latest features immediately available to us just means we get immediate benefit from those changes that we can deliver those into the business more quickly.

And yeah, it’s improved service, it’s improved features, it’s using the latest technology, and just making sure we’re making very best use of a system that we’re paying for.

It makes our day to day simpler, easier, less stress, less hassle, we just want products that work.

Ultimately, every IT director, every IT team just wants a product that works, and the Intapp products work. And that’s been proved through their long relationships with many, many law firms. We all tend to use Intapp products.