How Intapp is empowering industry-specific digital transformation


Digital transformation is really about technology -led change for these organizations. And one of the most important areas of change that these firms are looking for is increased competitiveness. And that takes on a little bit of a different flavor depending on which industry or which subindustries that we’re talking about. But it’s essentially, how can they better serve their clients? How can they better deliver returns to their investors? How could they be more agile? How could they be faster and get a first -mover advantage? And how can they really better leverage data — both their internal proprietary data, as well as external third -party data sets, to really create market awareness and market intelligence that will give them a competitive edge.

Intapp is perfectly positioned to focus on professional and financial services and bring technology -led change — to bring digital transformation — to them. Because we have studied this industry exclusively for more than two decades. We really understand the domain. We understand professionals. And we also really understand technology. And we can bring together the best of that domain with the best of enterprise software and really unlock the value for our clients.

Four of the main capabilities that really differentiate the Intapp industry cloud are:

  1. An industry -specific data architecture and data model
  2. Applied A.I. that includes zero entry
  3. Our highly configurable UX, low -code platform that allows us to very agile to create these specialized environments
  4. We have specialized solutions that address a lot of the unique workflows of the industry

A few features and use cases that I’m really excited about are self -maintaining contacts, which scrapes, emails and uses AI to automatically add and update contacts into Intapp without any behavioural change on the part of the professional.

Two, automated client activity, which can look at those contacts and automatically track business development or sourcing activity of those contacts and add them into Intapp and affiliate those actions with the client or company record.

And lastly, relationship intelligence, — which, on top of that base of up -to -date, accurate contacts, can start to generate real insights into the collective network of professional relationships of the firm.

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Thad Jampol

Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer

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