Knowledge management benefits: Talent development


Knowledge management is actually pervasive throughout law firms and professional services firms, and it influences so many different areas. In particular in development, I think it’s all about understanding your people’s experience and how they develop through the years and how as they progress and as they get more and more senior, they become more valuable to the business and they become more valuable to the client as well.

If you think about being a lawyer within a law firm, as you progress through the years and through the decades of being there, what you’re really doing is accumulating knowledge. And as you accumulate more knowledge, you become more valuable to the firm, to the client, and your career progresses.

So when we talk about knowledge, quite often we think about just matter knowledge or billing knowledge or whatever it is that we have within our documents. But actually, there’s a whole wealth of knowledge around individual experience, individual skills, how they develop within the business. So if a firm has a better understanding of that, and it’s better integrated with the knowledge that our clients need to be successful, then I think talent development can be a much more engaged business process rather than a separate HR fundamental thing that happens at the end of the year.

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Guy Adams

Vice President, Legal Industry Group

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