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ILTACON Becomes ITLA>ON As Legal Technology Show Goes Remote

Above the Law (August 24, 2020) —The show opens with a bevy of announcements.

Usually this time of the year finds me in some conference center catching up with legal technology vendors from around the world at the annual ILTACON show. This year, the nearly 2,000 vendors, legal technologists, IT professionals, legal department managers, firm management representatives, and journalists were all going to descend on Nashville like the world’s nerdiest bachelorette party.

COVID-19 and common sense kept everyone out of Tennessee this year, but in a year that saw a traditionally tech-phobic profession successfully move online, the 2020 now-online installment of ILTACON is more relevant than ever. The last tech doubters in the legal community are gone, converted by the coronavirus crucible. But now that everyone is on board with using the cloud to work from home — something the tech savvy knew about roughly eight years ago — this is a pretty good time to find out what else is out there. In other words, “If you like Zoom, wait until you see contract analytics.”