David Suárez

David Suárez

Head of Onesait DevOps


David Suárez has been developing software since he was 13, and has been doing so professionally for 25 years in different positions, industries, and environments, from defense to telecommunications. He is a seasoned product owner with a track record of building software products from scratch — from idea to production deployment — and an expert on applying “agile methodologies” to build high performance teams. As Head of Onesait DevOps, Suárez is responsible for defining and driving the implementation of the DevOps strategy within the whole Product Development Organization (Onesait) at Minsait. Suárez has an applied research background as well as wide experience leading teams and working with customers from pre-sales activities to onsite deployments.


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18th International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Law 2021 - International Workshop on AI for Understanding the Legal Business

Although most AI and machine learning (ML) research in the legal domain focuses on problems related to the practice of law, AILBIZ — the International Workshop on A.I. for Understanding the Legal Business — introduces the research community at International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Law to a different aspect of interesting problems, primarily related to the business side of the legal practice. AILBiz intends to open a space for researchers — both experienced and newcomers — to participate in discussions, exchange ideas, and collaborate around a specific set of problems in which AI/ML solutions have the potential to drive profound transformation within this global multimillion-dollar industry.