Legal Marketing Talent – or Lack Thereof. What to do?


There is no secret that there is a genuine supply and demand issue with legal marketing talent at all levels; there is simply not enough people to go around for the positions that are open. Furthermore, many firms are seeking talent who have very nuanced experience which makes it even more difficult to fill positions. In this session, Jennifer Johnson Scalzi will give a general market overview of the talent market at all levels and what you can do to think about attracting the best and brightest and then keeping them (the former is harder than the latter!). She will talk through recruitment best practices, provide insights on what talent is looking for in an employer, and ideas for how to keep the ones you want for the long-term.

The need for legal talent doesn’t stop there. For Finnegan, one of the largest IP law firms in the world, it recognized that to remain competitive there is a demand to tee up the best possible team for its services. To do this, the firm is relying more and more on experience management. Terra Liddell, CMO at Finnegan, will elaborate on why ‘conversations in the hallway’ don’t cut it anymore. Attorneys are coming to marketing to understand who is best at ‘X’ technology and unearth the appropriate legal talent for the work. Listen to her past “experience” (pun intended!) on tracking only cases and how the marketing team now tracks and searches not only across cases, but across all matters, all of the firm’s professional’s technical experience, and client experiences and classifications within industries — all very quickly to shine a light on the legal talent.

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Jennifer Johnson

Founder and CEO

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Terra Liddell

Chief Marketing Officer

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