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    Cloud-based, AI-infused software and firm management solutions for partner-led firms’ complex needs.

We’ve built our industry-specific, cloud-based software solutions for the unique needs of the global professional and financial services industry. Our technology helps the world’s premier private capital, investment banking, legal, accounting, and consulting firms easily and effectively connect their people, processes, and data.

Using Intapp solutions, firms can not only better meet rapidly changing client, investor, and regulatory requirements, but also deliver the right insights to the right professionals at the right time to build competitive advantage.

The Intapp platform powers these firms with the technology they need to unleash their collective knowledge. When firms leverage state-of-the-art Intapp AI and machine learning technology, professionals save time and are better equipped to make quick and confident decisions.

Intapp industry solutions

Intapp DealCloud

Intapp DealCloud deal, relationship, and pipeline management solutions help firms manage market relationships, prospective clients and investments, current engagements and deal processes, operations and compliance activities, helping investors and advisors react faster, make better decisions, and execute on complex transactions. With Intapp DealCloud, investors and advisors can share institutional knowledge more easily, make better-informed decisions, and execute deals more quickly.

Intapp Collaboration & Content

Intapp Collaboration & Content helps firms deliver intelligent client-centric collaboration, seamless content governance, and innovative client experiences by combining the power of Intapp and Microsoft 365. Intapp Collaboration & Content, helps boost firmwide collaboration with intelligent workspaces that make the most of Microsoft Teams, orchestrate document management across all content sources for full lifecycle visibility, and transform the client experience with secure, personalized collaboration.

Intapp Risk & Compliance

Professional and financial services firms face an increasingly daunting task managing risk and compliance across the entire client engagement lifecycle. With Intapp Risk & Compliance, firms can accelerate due diligence and business acceptance while evaluating new clients for professional, financial, and independence risks.  Professionals can manage confidentiality and sensitive information across systems as well as comply with contractual obligations and regulatory requirements using a streamlined, secure process.

Intapp Operations & Finance

To help deliver work more efficiently, consistently, and profitably, professional and financial services firms must effectively manage the engagement lifecycle. With Intapp Operations & Finance, professionals can scope, budget, and monitor engagements with increased accuracy and visibility. Firms can increase billed time while minimizing administrative burden by using repopulated timesheets generated from automatically captured billable activities consistent with client billing guidelines.

Intapp services: We’re here to help

Professional and financial services firms are rapidly transforming their operations by embracing technology. By offering business consulting services, end-to-end implementation assistance, industry-specific training, best-in-class advice, and detailed support, Intapp ensures that firms realize the benefits and returns on their technology investments. We act as industry experts and value-add partners to ensure positive outcomes for both employees and clients.

Intapp Strategic Consulting

Our sector specialists and consultants provide deep functional expertise to professional and financial services firms to manage and facilitate meaningful organizational change.

Intapp Implementation

Leveraging best practices from countless successful deployments, Intapp offers planning, design, and configuration support throughout the implementation process.

Intapp Client Success

Our global team of industry experts provides users with on-demand consultation and assistance with user adoption to ensure the successful deployment of our technology solutions.

Intapp Support

Our team of product experts provides in-depth tutorials, on-demand technical support, and customized training materials. Whether you’re an experienced user or just getting started, our team is always ready to address your questions.

Intapp Client Community

This dedicated, secure forum lets Intapp users to collaborate with industry peers, access product release notes, and leverage detailed product documentation.

Intapp University

Our live, expert-led courses and eLearning content library are constantly growing. We provide industry professionals with the training they need to gain expertise and become skilled users of Intapp solutions.

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