DealCloud for legal: 4 key differentiators


DealCloud for legal is really differentiated by a couple of things.

One is it is the only platform that fully and seamlessly integrates a full marketing technology stack. And by that, I mean it combines traditional CRM (client relationship management) with enterprise relationship management, marketing automation, and experience management. No other competitor in the market offers all four of those things in one solution.

Second of all, it sits at the core of Intapp’s entire vertical industry cloud strategy. It’s a core platform upon which a firm can develop and operationalize its growth strategies. And we as a company have multiple other products in our portfolio that span the client matter lifecycle in legal, and they can all integrate with DealCloud.

I think the other thing that really helps DealCloud stand out in the legal sector is it is underpinned by a really superb multi- relational database model, and that enables us to make all sorts of connections between the different types of data that firms somehow need to harvest insight from and better understand their clients and their whole relationship with those clients.

The other thing that I think is really differentiating about DealCloud for legal is it’s vertical specific. And we say things like, “fit for purpose.” What we mean when we say that is we recognize that the way in which law firms operate is different to a B2B organization that’s selling a widget, for example. So traditional, horizontal CRM is really geared to a whole different business model than how law firms go to market. And DealCloud is designed with our blueprints and our best practices to reflect the unique requirements and workflows of the specific end users and use cases that we serve.

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