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Intapp DealCloud: Relationship intelligence

Turn your metrics into informed business decisions

Reduce manual data entry so your team can focus on what’s important: cultivating valuable connections. Intapp DealCloud serves as an end-to-end solution to help your teams expand their networks and grow the firm’s business. Automatically capture contact and company data, enrich accounts with relationship intelligence and third-party data sets, and systemize outreach workflows. Centralize communication data and turn day-to-day activities into actionable relationship intelligence.  

Enhance your relationships and inform business development

Simplify reporting

Reduce administrative burden by eliminating the manual synchronization of email and event communications.

Enhance outreach effectiveness

Facilitate meaningful relationships by taking advantage of your target network.

Improve data quality and security

Ensure security and simplify data capture and review processes through automated data ingestion.

Consolidate various systems into one platform

With a focus on driving zero-data entry, Intapp DealCloud’s [automated contact and company integration] has proven to be a transformative addition to our site. The tool has allowed our teams to redirect our focus from manual data entry to data analysis and strategic decision-making. We are excited to continue to leverage this automation and build a robust pipeline and relationship database for our team.

Amanda Wong
Business Strategy and Development

What is automated contact and company management?

Intapp DealCloud offers automated contact and company creation, a fully automated process for adding new qualified contacts and companies to the platform. Both contacts and companies are validated and further enriched through the data provider’s data set. 


DealCloud also captures information from contact signatures, such as the contact’s title, role, company, employer, and phone number. The data is then used to create a new contact profile within the platform or to update an existing profile. This signature parsing functionality helps keep your contact data up to date while reducing manual data entry. 

What is relationship scoring?

Intapp DealCloud relationship scoring passively harvests metadata from Microsoft Exchange email and event communication. The software scores relationships to determine who knows whom and how well throughout every stage of the relationship. Relationships scores are also updated daily to provide reliable score trends.  


Each relationship is scored based on your firm’s predetermined relationship scoring algorithm, while scoring criteria is managed by platform administrators. This allows firms to gauge relationship quality based on their preferred method of communication and the importance applied to different communication channels. 

What is automated activity capture?

Promote team collaboration and gain activity insights with Intapp DealCloud’s activity capture feature. Automatically sync email and event details alongside associated relationships in DealCloud. The feature also adds important metadata to each activity, including details related to attendees, date and time of activity, and attachments. 


With the automated activity capture feature, platform administrators can set specific criteria for the types of communications that are synced into the platform. This lets your firm institutionalize important communications and optimize the quality of your data set — all while adhering to security requirements. 

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