• Connected firm management

    Connect your people, processes, and data to deliver superior outcomes.

Connected firms are better positioned to meet rapidly changing client, investor, and regulatory requirements and operate more competitively.

Meeting your unique challenges

Professional and financial services firms leverage domain expertise, closely held relationships, and collective experience to generate valuable insights and improve returns. Firms like yours require sophisticated, purpose-built technology to perform your many client-focused and fiduciary duties:

  • Providing expertise, insights, and opportunities to companies throughout the engagement lifecycle
  • Maintaining and growing a highly complex ecosystem of relationships
  • Driving engagement and participation across an intricate web of functions, processes, and personnel
  • Managing confidentiality, potential conflicts of interest and ethical walls
  • Leveraging vast data sources and cross-functional, institutional knowledge

The power of connections

By better connecting your firm’s most important assets — people, processes, and data — you’ll operate more efficiently and competitively.

Connect your data

Firms realize the value of their internal and external data by connecting relevant systems and applications together. With a single source of truth for your connected data, you’ll benefit from a clear view of relationships, pipelines, investments, and prospects. Giving the right users access to data in the right context gives partners, professionals, and dealmakers a competitive advantage.

Connect your processes

Teams need to engage across multiple complex, often manual, cross-functional processes. Connecting your firm streamlines workflows — such as investor relations, business development, conflicts clearance, business acceptance, engagement planning, resource allocation, billing, and collections — to save time and better serve your clients.

Connect your people

Connecting your firm’s collective insights makes it easier to identify and leverage institutional knowledge, relationships, and experience to fuel decisions, enhance agility, and accelerate success. Greater team collaboration — even in remote environments — helps optimize deal and engagement execution.

Drive superior outcomes

Connected firms operate more effectively and efficiently, increase returns, better manage risk and compliance, and deliver superior service to clients.

Supercharged people

Connected firms attract and retain top talent by enabling their professionals to leverage collective insights and institutional knowledge to make better, faster, and more confident decisions.

Faster growth

Connected firms increase efficiency and profitability by streamlining, automating, and operationalizing processes and creating greater transparency into the firm’s growth.

Higher returns

Connected firms enhance business development effectiveness, optimized market coverage, and well-nurtured relationships – all of which leads to higher returns.

Managed risk

Connected firms reduce regulatory, financial, and reputational risk through workflow automation, AI, predictive analytics, risk scoring, and enhanced workforce collaboration.

Successful clients

Connected firms can better fulfill their clients’ needs, delivering the firms’ services efficiently and effectively.

A significant improvement

For decades, traditional solutions have fallen short of expectations. Technology that isn’t built for the professional and financial services industry fails to provide a unified view of your firm’s critical data. It’s also often expensive, slow, and error-prone, and can require significant customization.

Internally developed solutions become increasingly expensive to maintain and lack next-generation technology capabilities

Legacy solutions quickly become outdated and don’t meet most firms’ security and sophistication requirements

Horizontal solutions designed for traditional, manufacturing, and retail industries are unnecessarily cumbersome for firms to successfully implement

Connected firm powerhouses


Firm Size: 10,000+

To streamline client onboarding, leverage centralized client data, and create a connected global view of multidimensional client-firm relationships, Baker McKenzie relies on its central repository of client, engagement, and firm expertise information — an efficient tool developed in partnership with Intapp.


Firm Size: 10,000+

KPMG actively captures all professionals’ time and centralizes the firm’s collective knowledge with integrated Intapp solutions, preventing revenue leakage, connecting its mergers and acquisitions teams and relationship lifecycle processes, and easily tracking deals across every point in the cycle.


Firm Size: 201 - 500

Riverside reduces risk and continually improves its deal-making processes and business productivity using DealCloud compliance solutions, automated reports, and centralized workflow and contact systems.


Firm Size: 201 - 500

To manage clients’ risk exposure, improve firm efficiency and pricing visibility, and optimize pricing and resource management, Fredrikson & Byron uses an innovative insights-driven approach made possible with Intapp AI-guided pricing tools.


Firm Size: 2,001 - 10,000

FTI Consulting quickly onboards new clients, manages high-scale and broad-scope conflicts processing, and efficiently processes time by streamlining business acceptance and automating conflicts checking using Intapp technology.


Firm Size: 201 - 500

Hamilton Lane increases transparency and efficiency across investment teams with real-time client views. The firm replaced dozens of disparate processes with a single Intapp solution, resulting in a centralized repository for communications and relationship data.

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