• Intapp DealCloud

    Connected firm management for financial services firms

DealCloud is a complete deal, relationship, and pipeline management solution for financial services firms. The solution manages firms’ market relationships, prospective clients and investments, current engagements and deal processes, operations and compliance activities, allowing investors and advisors to react faster, make better decisions, and execute on complex transactions.

Generic CRM platforms struggle to meet all the necessary criteria for deal-management tasks, as they were designed to track customers and sales, not deals. In contrast, DealCloud is purpose-built to support the complicated deal ecosystem, comes with built-in workflows designed around the dealmaking process, and enables automated reporting specifically designed for deal management and relationship tracking.

With DealCloud, investment banks and advisory firms enhance their sponsor coverage models, achieve greater win rates, and drive higher success. For investors, DealCloud helps increase origination volume, support investment selection, and drive greater returns.

Purpose-built for the financial services industry

DealCloud is designed for the complicated relationships of dealmakers. Every transaction involves multiple constituents: the companies, financial sponsors, advisors on the buy and sell side, legal counsel, accountants, and depending on the complexity of the deal, many more parties.

Generic B2B CRMs were designed to support processes that follow a simple and rigid linear model. DealCloud, on the other hand, has a flexible object model that allows the linking and layering of seemingly disparate data sets including relationships, deals, sponsors, advisors, funds, and even industries or geographic regions.

The DealCloud solution, backed by a next generation security infrastructure was designed by dealmakers, for dealmakers, and therefore acts as a scalable and flexible solution that any financial services firm can make their own.

Firmwide information sharing

DealCloud acts as the central nervous system of financial services firms, but it is by no means the only technology system dealmakers use. Recognizing the needs of modern firms, the DealCloud solution was built to seamlessly integrate and sync with third-party systems, helping our clients work more effectively across departments, business systems and processes, technologies, and solutions.

By enabling a vast library of systems to be connected to DealCloud, financial services firms are able to make decisions quickly, respond to ever-changing market trends, execute in competitive scenarios, and scale operations. By enabling firmwide transparency and information sharing, modern capital markets firms can build, maintain, and protect their institutional knowledge.

Comprehensive, cloud-based solution

DealCloud makes dealmaking possible from anywhere with its comprehensive, cloud-based, and secure solutions. The technology enables firms to manage all of their important data and perform critical processes from anywhere in the world, and in any context. The application is accessible from any mobile device, browser, or email application, as well as from productivity tools like Excel and Word, making it possible for dealmakers to extract and leverage the data they need when they need it, where they need it.

Our platform contains all of the functionality users expect of modern cloud software, such as a scalable architecture, cloud security, common APIs, robust mobile accessibility, and data integrations. This, combined with an elegant design and easy-to-use interface makes DealCloud the clear choice for private capital firms, investment banks, and other transaction participants.

Firm outcomes

Improve pipeline velocity and visibility

DealCloud automatically gathers relevant emails, events, notes, and attachments directly from your inbox, calendar, and other systems to create a unified source of truth of all contacts, companies, relationships, and deals. This enables firms to gain 360-degree visibility quickly and gain insight into how to move each deal and relationship forward.

Fuel the business development engine

DealCloud lets firms design, schedule, and send marketing communications that support business development, view engagement activity, and track conversions all in the same hub. This technology enables marketing, investor relations, fundraising, and business development teams to originate new opportunities, nurture existing relationships, foster new connections, and reach a global network of people and firms in a scalable way.

Increase market coverage and relationship intelligence

Rolodexes and spreadsheets are no longer the best tool for the dealmaking profession. DealCloud centralizes and optimizes relationship and communication data, effectively pinpointing who has the strongest connection to whom, paving the way for opportunity and idea generation at scale. This technology helps firms transform day-to-day activities into actionable relationship intelligence.

Mitigate risk and maintain compliance

With DealCloud, firms can manage and automate the end-to-end process for the identification, review, and clearance of potential business conflicts of interest. By connecting and centralizing your firm’s data, operationalizing its processes, and mitigating regulatory and reputational risk, DealCloud  protects your firm’s reputation, your staff’s valuable time, and your clients’ best interest.

Accelerate data–driven reporting and decision-making

DealCloud enables firms to search and query third-party data sets directly from within the DealCloud platform, eliminating the need to toggle back and forth between systems and enabling reports to be generated with a mix of proprietary insights and real-time market data. All the rich third-party data is fully integrated into DealCloud and leveraged for analyzing industry trends, evaluating potential synergies ad identifying new opportunities.

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