Cloud Information Security & Risk Management

Today a significant amount of sensitive internal business and client information lives outside the firewall. Responding to this new reality, IT has made new resources available, including extranets and portals, designed to improve sharing and collaboration, both internally and externally. But the pace of change, combined with the expanding scope of user demands and expectations has created a moving target for any organization looking to set and enforce prudent information governance policies.

Advantages of Cloud-Based Information Management

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    Enhanced Client Service
    – Cloud services provide an effective way to share information with clients and store information in an easily searchable and accessible manner

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    Improved Matter Team Productivity
    – The cloud offers a straightforward way to streamline internal collaboration, with convenient, interactive access across desktop, tablet and other mobile devices

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    Increased IT Opportunity
    – Leveraging the cloud enables IT to extend the capabilities of on-premise platforms like SharePoint for information sharing, while preserving necessary business systems and process integration


The Problem

The continuing growth of cloud and mobile information management software brings with it a pressing need to manage associated information risks. For one, these services are often driven by users acting without IT oversight. With easy-to-use consumer interfaces, there are few barriers to setting up an account, uploading documents and inviting peers (within or outside of the organization) to collaborate. But this unmanaged information sharing on unapproved services may be insecure and create records management, security and other risks for the firm.

Similarly, this type of collaboration creates visibility challenges for IT and management:

  • What information is being stored?
  • Who has access to it?
  • Is it being accessed in ways that suggest misuse (either overt or accidental)?

The Intapp Solution – Cloud Compliance

Intapp is proud to partner with leading cloud providers, including Box, to deliver and certify software specifically designed to transparently add security and compliance capabilities to these tools. As lawyers and law firms increasingly turn to the cloud to improve collaboration, enhance information sharing and increase productivity, information risk management only becomes more challenging.

Intapp Walls provides automated information security controls for managing internal access to sensitive matters and information in response to professional rules, client mandates or regulatory requirements.

Activity Tracker provides deeper monitoring on access trends. It allows organizations to set configurable alert thresholds to notify risk management or IT stakeholders when user behavior strays outside of the ordinary, so they can investigate and address any concerns before they become serious crises.


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