Elite 3E Integration

The legal market is enthusiastically adopting Elite 3E, the next-generation financial and practice management system. This platform offers new capabilities, flexibility and power. For firms adopting Elite 3E, Intapp can significantly accelerate implementation timelines and help organizations get the most from their investment in the long term. Intapp provides proven technology that lets firms connect and integrate Elite 3E with existing software applications and business processes. This approach enables organizations to deliver more capability and cleaner information to business stakeholders while reducing the costs of ownership and maintenance.

Challenges Facing Firms Adopting Elite 3E 

While Elite 3E offers new potential, that power brings challenges — most organizations will need to allocate resources to application implementation, migration and ongoing internal support. Whether firms migrate from Elite Enterprise or other legacy software, they need to build new data connections across their environment to tie Elite 3E into their existing business processes and systems. And while Elite provides capabilities and tools to enable firm data integration, these approaches require organizations to create custom application code in-house, and maintain and extend that code over time.

The Intapp Solution – Intapp Integrate for Elite 3E

Intapp Integrate lets law firms tie Elite 3E into their existing software and processes simply and quickly. It does this by connecting and managing communication across all firm software and business applications. Intapp Integrate interfaces directly with Elite’s native web services functionality and provides IT with a graphic interface for configuring business logic and integration rules. To further accelerate Elite 3E adoption, Intapp provides pre-built templates that jumpstart integration with common law firm applications including document management, records management, time entry, portal and other systems.

With a faster, scalable approach to software integration, firms are able to extend Elite 3E’s capabilities and expedite key business processes including new business intake, lawyer provisioning and other workflow-based tasks and activities.

Most importantly, firms can achieve these benefits without having to hire additional technical staff to develop and maintain custom software, resulting in a significant reduction in project time and cost. For organizations with constrained resources, Intapp offers access to an extensive community of certified Intapp Integrate and Elite 3E consultants.
As a longtime Elite partner, Intapp has worked closely with Elite experts to develop resources specifically designed to enable law firms to succeed with Elite 3E. Firms can feel confident that an investment in Intapp Integrate will accelerate their success.

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