SharePoint Management

Many firms have been using SharePoint for years — mainly as a platform for intranets, extranets and collaboration spaces like “deal rooms.” For IT, SharePoint offers several appealing attributes: as a Microsoft product, it aligns with their technology and architecture preferences, and It offers tremendous flexibility and configurability. For users, SharePoint provides a unified front end that centralizes lawyer-facing information and resources.

However, while Microsoft has invested heavily in extending the platform in recent years, very real administrative limitations still make getting the most out of SharePoint difficult.

The Problem

As firms try to leverage SharePoint, they quickly run up against the challenges of working with its native data integration capabilities. These gaps, coupled with a lack of familiarity with the product’s Business Connectivity Services (BCS), necessitate investments in significant custom development, outside consulting and the adoption of point-tool “add-ons.”

The net result is often slower execution of more expensive and more functionally-limited SharePoint projects. Or, organizations may forgo the automation of administrative tasks and instead rely on manual intervention, increasing delay, inefficiency and overall cost of using SharePoint.

The Intapp Solution – Intapp Integrate for Microsoft SharePoint

Intapp Integrate provides IT and SharePoint administrators with an easy way to automate a broad set of common tasks and challenges including:

  • Automating team site, MySite, extranet and any other type of site creation
  • Simplifying content import (data, web parts and documents)
  • Setting up targeted and highly-customizable notifications
  • Managing and augmenting user profiles
  • Creating and managing simple cross-site and cross-list workflows
  • Aggregating information from other systems for display in SharePoint
  • Automating the creation and maintenance of all lists

To accelerate these and other tasks, Intapp provides pre-built Intapp Integrate templates that let IT execute SharePoint projects quickly. These templates can be quickly customized to address firm-specific process and configuration requirements, such as initiating specific activities based on specific business activities like the approval of a new matter, or the addition of a new employee.

Instead of spending days or weeks building custom code and scripts, firms can extend SharePoint in hours with Intapp Integrate.

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