• Intapp OnePlace

    Connected firm management for professional services firms

Intapp OnePlace provides a complete client and engagement lifecycle management solution for professional services firms — boosting effectiveness from strategy through origination and execution.

The solution improves client strategy and targeting, business development and origination, and work delivery to provide increased financial performance and regulatory compliance. Intapp OnePlace solutions help legal, accounting, and consulting industry professionals make better decisions faster, grow their firms profitably, and deliver ideal outcomes for clients.

OnePlace Marketing & Business Development

Today’s professional services leaders need to drive growth through end-to-end management of the client lifecycle, from strategy and targeting through business development to client success. Our solution provides firms with a 360-degree view of clients, filled with AI-powered insights and third-party market data that has been cleansed and enriched. This solution helps firms engage more deeply to grow key clients, identify and nurture the right relationships, and effectively leverage their collective experience to compete for and win new business.

OnePlace Risk & Compliance

It’s increasingly difficult for firms to manage risk and compliance across the entire client lifecycle. Using enhanced workflows, third-party data, AI and machine learning, and predictive risk scoring, firms can accelerate due diligence and business acceptance while evaluating new clients for professional, financial, and independence risks. A streamlined, secure process helps professionals manage confidentiality and sensitive information across systems as well as comply with contractual obligations and regulatory requirements.

OnePlace Operations & Finance

Legal, accounting, and consulting firms need to more effectively manage the engagement lifecycle in order to help deliver work more efficiently, consistently, and profitably. By offering next-generation AI and workflow solutions, we make it possible for professionals to scope, price, budget, and monitor engagements with increased accuracy and visibility. Prepopulated timesheets generated from automatically captured billable activities — consistent with client billing guidelines — help increase billed time while minimizing administrative burden.


Intapp OnePlace is designed for the unique organizational structure and day-to-day processes of professional services firms. Our industry blueprints provide a familiar interface, nomenclature, and data model. Easily configured to match your needs, our software provides an intuitive experience for professionals that easily integrates with the rest of the firm’s IT and business-process infrastructure. We’re proud to deliver rapid time-to-value far beyond what horizontal software solutions can provide.


Intapp OnePlace connects firms — and the technology systems that firm professionals use. Hundreds of third-party point solutions and data sources integrate with OnePlace. Our technology captures and combines your firm’s internal proprietary data with third-party data systems to deliver a connected, single source of truth to your firm’s professionals. You’ll work more effectively across departments, business systems, processes, technologies, and solutions.


Intapp OnePlace augments unified, connected data with contextual insights, utilizing our proprietary AI to inform professionals’ decision-making processes throughout the entire relationship lifecycle.

Comprehensive and cloud-based

Intapp OnePlace offers an end-to-end solution that helps manage all of your important data and perform critical processes on one highly scalable and secure cloud platform. Many other software providers either lack modern functionality designed specifically for industry professionals or can only deliver a single point solution.

Firm outcomes

Increase revenue

With Intapp OnePlace, firms improve origination and business development effectiveness. This solution also enables you better nurture key relationships and monitor the way those relationships convert into business. Firms that rely on a single source of truth — and clear views of key clients and potential new clients — give their partners and professionals a competitive advantage in the market.

Operate more efficiently and profitably

Firms choose to increase efficiency and profitability with OnePlace by streamlining and automating many functions required to originate and deliver work. Our solution lets firms connect and operationalize all elements of the engagement lifecycle, eliminate manual processes, reduce duplicative data entry, and scale to support growing business with lower overhead. The solution aids critical processes such as business development, conflicts clearance and business acceptance, engagement planning and resourcing, and billing and collections.

Manage risk and compliance more effectively

Reduce regulatory, financial, and reputational risk through OnePlace workflow and automation, AI, predictive analytics, and rules-based risk scoring. Risk and compliance teams can work seamlessly with front office professionals. Our solution helps them quickly assess new business opportunities, rapidly evaluate and manage conflicts and independence issues, easily establish ethical walls, thoroughly prepare for audits, and dynamically respond to changes to the regulatory landscapes and the firm’s overall risk posture.

Leverage collective knowledge for competitive advantage

Gain a competitive advantage by leveraging your collective knowledge with Intapp OnePlace. Using integrated and connected information about clients, engagements, and relationships, combined with relevant third-party data, firm professionals are armed to make better, faster decisions. With superior market insights and knowledge, firms can develop stronger relationships and increase business from existing clients and potential new ones.

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