LegalKEY Migration – Making the Move to Intapp

While OpenText has not officially confirmed the end-of-life date for its LegalKEY Conflicts and New Business Intake systems, the writing has been on the wall (for years). If you haven't begun already, now is a critical time to begin planning for your firm's future.

We understand that many firms have invested considerable time and effort in making LegalKEY work for their firms over the years. The opportunity now is to take a step back and consider your firm's internal workflows and processes more broadly: including the potential benefits of implementing a complete, modern and scalable solution for new business inception.

In selecting LegalKEY, your firm made a decision to choose the "best of breed" at the time. It was the right decision that has served your organization well. But given the limited future for LegalKEY, it's now time to make an investment in a new solution. And today, there is a new "best" on the market.

Intapp Open: A fresh approach to new business acceptance

conflicts searchNow adopted by 175 organizations worldwide, Intapp Open is the clear choice for firms embarking on the transition off LegalKEY. To date, 30 LegalKEY customers have chosen to adopt Intapp Open, and the number continues to grow.

One look, and you'll see why: Intapp Open offers advanced search capabilities via a modern, intuitive user interface, and simplifies conflicts clearance by centralizing communications and making it easier for lawyers and conflicts team members to collaborate.

Intapp Open also makes it straightforward for the IT and risk teams to make changes and adapt workflows as needed over time. You no longer need to wait for expensive external consultants every time you want to make an incremental change to the system. And by choosing Intapp, you can be confident that you've chosen the best-in-class conflicts and NBI solution.

The Intapp ecosystem

Intapp has considerable expertise in LegalKEY. As an OpenText partner, we've provided support for LegalKEY customers for many years. We know how the product works, we know how your reports are structured – and we know the journey you've been on as you've tried to make the best of what LegalKEY has to offer.

We've also assisted a large number of firms in migrating off of LegalKEY as they reached the next stage.

For firms that require additional assistance, Intapp Business Process Consulting team offers services including process reviews – evaluating your existing conflicts management processes and recommending changes based on industry best practices – as well as workshops to help your internal stakeholders make the most of Intapp Open. And to provide further support, Intapp has invested heavily in its partner ecosystem. We now have a range of Intapp Open certified services partners who are ready to assist as you transition from LegalKEY.

For additional information on migrating from LegalKEY to Intapp Open, please contact your Intapp account representative or submit your information on the right.