Time on the move

Today, lawyer work patterns are changing rapidly, along with their technology preferences. Increasingly, legacy IT policies that only “bless” approved devices and software are being replaced with BYOD directives (“Bring Your Own Device”). And the devices lawyers are choosing by an overwhelming margin come from Apple, namely iPhones and iPad tablets, which are increasingly replacing laptops as the mobile work platform of choice. (Though many also still cling to Blackberry devices or are eagerly welcoming the rise of Android.)

The Problem

While the user experience and interfaces delivered by these new devices delight, most industry time management software hasn’t kept pace. While some options exist for making mobile time entries, cumbersome interfaces and client, matter, task code search and hoop jumping remain the norm. This is why the classic adage that mobile time entry is something that everyone wants, but no one wants to use, still rings true.

But, more importantly, mobile lawyers are looking to do more than enter time on mobile devices. Given the new capabilities provided by smartphones and tablets, they naturally want the ability to manage their time effectively as well. This includes reviewing their past activity, grouping entries, annotating entries and releasing time – tricks that would have seemed preposterously impractical on past generations of tiny-screened, scrolly-wheeled Blackberries.

The bottom line is that no one has re-envisioned the function of mobile entry software to fit the form of these new devices. Until now.

The Intapp Solution – Intapp Time

Intapp is proud to offer the industry’s most advanced, most-adopted time recording software on Apple iOS, Blackberry and Android smartphone and tablet devices.

It delivers a simple, straightforward way for lawyers to record activity on the go without cumbersome interface or data entry requirements. It also provides a smooth experience for reviewing, grouping and adding narrative detail to past activity. These changes and updates can be submitted to the firm’s practice management or other financial applications in real time.

Intapp mobile time recording software provides a unique and elegant experience that lawyers love.

More importantly – It's beautiful. It’s easy to use. And it just works.

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