Finding Time

In today’s environment, law firms can hardly afford to ignore any opportunity to increase revenue and profitability. But that’s exactly what’s happening at many organizations. The culprit? – Imperfect time recording. Industry studies show that failing to log billable activity on the day it was performed leads to a loss rate as high as 10%.

The Problem

Most lawyers hate tracking and entering their time. To manage the inconvenience, some have their secretaries enter it for them, others keep paper records they review and submit when deadlines loom. Yet even if everyone is using electronic entry tools, there’s a good chance that billable time is slipping through the cracks. It could be as simple as a weekend email that goes untracked, or a phone call that’s under billed — a few missed minutes may not seem like much, but they add up significantly each month. And this translates directly into missed firm revenue and lowered partner profits.

While firms can create policies, set deadlines and threaten penalties to encourage prompt time entry, these approaches fall short. For one, it’s challenging to alter deeply-ingrained personal habits. More importantly, policy-based responses don’t address the fundamental distaste users have for the process, and the problem of missed and under-billed activity.

The Intapp Solution – Intapp Time

Intapp changes this equation by automating lawyer time tracking with Intapp Time, software that enables firms to automatically capture billable time that is missed or under-billed. It provides lawyers with an accurate, consolidated report of their client and matter-related activity, generated by automatically monitoring the key applications they use throughout the day including document creation, email, calendar, phone, and mobile devices.

Designed specifically to support diverse time keeping styles and broadly adopted by lawyers, Intapp Time delivers an elegant, hassle-free user experience:

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    It provides users with an intuitive, consumer-grade user interface

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    It leverages Intapp's proprietary data management technology to intelligently match activities with associated clients and matters

  • icon merging
    It automatically consolidates related tasks (like email threads) and captures event durations

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    It makes activity reports available in multiple native formats, including via a web interface, directly within Outlook and on Apple iPads and iPhones

These and several other features set Intapp Time apart from other time capture products, which rely on users to manually "train" the software to assign specific activities with specific matters and to record task durations themselves.

Intapp Time also allows lawyers to group, detail and submit activities directly to financial and time entry software including Intapp Time itself (offering direct UI integration for the best lawyer experience), Elite Enterprise, Elite 3E, Aderant, and Tikit Carpe Diem.

Intapp time capture allows lawyers to more easily record and enter their time, often finding lost or overlooked work. Additionally, by simplifying time tracking, a total time management approach increases lawyer satisfaction while accelerating internal pre-bill review and external client collections processes.

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