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4 actionable ways to use marketing technology to your competitive advantage today

During these uncertain times, many dealmakers are operating from their home offices, but their roles remain the same. Nurturing existing client relationships and creating new business development opportunities are as important as ever and dealmakers have had to be agile when adapting to today’s environment. When in-person meetings have been put on hold and clients and prospects are spending more time behind their desks, leveraging an integrated marketing solution, like DealCloud Dispatch, can help you capitalize on every marketing and business development initiative during this unique time.

1. Communicate with investors and stakeholders

Just as much as your firm is committed to the health and well-being of its clients, partners, and employees during the COVID-19 pandemic, it is also fully committed to assuring the continuity of services its clients rely on. The need for you or your firm to distribute business continuity plans in a timely manner is critical. If you or your firm take too long to send emails related to a timely situation, it can break down the trust you have worked hard to establish with your clients.

With purpose-built technology like email marketing, you are able to send sophisticated and branded communications, as well as view who engaged or did not engage. From there, you are able to create a follow-up plan to ensure you are servicing the needs of all your clients – no matter the tier.

Above, you’ll find a COVID-19-related email campaign that DealCloud sent to its clients through Dispatch.

2. Distribute invitations to virtual events

Ever-increasing competition is driving firms to invest more and more into business development and relationship management. That’s why, even in the current market dislocation, you must continue to prioritize these parts of your business. When in-person conferences, trade shows, and other events are canceled until further notice, you must meet client and prospects where they are today – in front of their screens. You can use email marketing to connect with those that you would have otherwise met in-person. You can also leverage this technology to distribute invitations to virtual events and conferences to stay connected and create business development opportunities.

3. Engage contacts with value-added content

With many people operating from behind their desks all day, sharing new, timely content and industry insights via newsletters is a simple and easy way you can engage with clients and prospects on a larger scale. In addition to distributing new content, you can resurface existing content, give it a spring clean, and share it with their audiences.

By sharing industry analyses and insights, your firm has a greater opportunity to engage with its key contacts and stakeholders. 

4.Use data to stay abreast

Access to new insights and data can help you achieve success. With DealCloud Dispatch, you are able to collect the engagement metrics on each campaign and better understand the ROI of your marketing activities. This data can help you drive business and fuel day-to-day interactions and conversations by accessing which content your contacts are engaging with. This can be a way of discovering what your contacts are interested in, but in a more scalable way.

In Dispatch, users can view engagement metrics for every one of their contacts and companies/firms that they cover


Using DealCloud Dispatch, which is built specifically for the capital markets, dealmakers are able to send sophisticated and branded communications to their key relationships — including deal announcements, newsletters, and more. In order to succeed, capital markets professionals must embrace the role of integrated marketing solutions to drum up new opportunities.

To learn more about how DealCloud’s integrated marketing solution, Dispatch can help you better engage your audience and operate more efficiently, access a recording of our recent webinar here.