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How DealCloud seamlessly and automatically captures relationship data

Technology-forward firms know the importance of a robust and well-maintained relationship network, but rarely have time to document their networks with manual processes alone. In today’s digital world, the sheer volume of connections available is vast and nearly impossible to leverage without technological assistance. That’s why more and more firms are seeking relationship management software built specifically with the complex web of financial and professional services connections in mind. 


DealCloud, a pipeline, relationship, and deal management solution, can serve as a single source of truth for your unique firm. With its automated data capture capabilities, DealCloud helps firms gain actionable relationship insights that saves their professionals time and resources. 


Here, we’ll share how DealCloud automatically captures relationship data, streamlines contact and company profile creation, and utilizes relationship intelligence to help you better maintain and leverage your network. 


How DealCloud streamlines data capture  

When new users implement DealCloud, they gain access to a Microsoft Outlook add-in. Firm professionals can use this add-in to sync a variety of content — including emails, file attachments, calendar events, and meeting notes — directly to DealCloud, allowing the platform to passively capture relevant data and automatically assign it to the appropriate deal in the pipeline. 


New deals can also be initiated from the Microsoft Outlook add-in, making note of preliminary outreach communications, which provides firmwide transparency into where a prospecting conversation truly began. 


With DealCloud, your firm no longer needs to manually update this information within the platform. Thanks to the Microsoft Outlook add-in, you can ensure that your firm always has the most relevant, up-to-date information available. 


How DealCloud makes contact maintenance simple 

Many modern professionals still spend a great deal of time manually updating their contacts’ information via Rolodexes or spreadsheets. DealCloud saves you the trouble of managing updates thanks to its ability to passively capture contact and relationship data. 


DealCloud has a signature scraping functionality that supports the creation and maintenance of your contacts’ profiles. From your inbox, DealCloud will scrape the signatures of the contacts you interact with, making note of a contact’s name, employer, phone number, and job title. Allowing you to easily review and push contact data into the platform without the burden of manually collecting and entering contact details.  


The signature scraping tool also notifies you of updates to an existing contact’s email signature, allowing you to react appropriately to a name or title change. 


How DealCloud shares relationship intelligence insights 

Using the data automatically collected from Microsoft Outlook, DealCloud offers relationship intelligence insights and relationship scoring. Firms can set their own relationship scoring algorithm that allows firms to rank their connections by what they determine to be the most relevant factors. 


For example, a firm may rank its contact connections based on frequency of communication. That firm could use DealCloud to assess how often its professionals connect with each contact, ascertain which connections to prioritize, and suggest when to reconnect with their contacts so the relationships don’t grow cold. 


DealCloud also offers a firmwide network map where professionals can view their relationships and see how they overlap with those of their colleagues. This allows firms to identify mutual connections and ensure a contact is not receiving outreach from multiple people. Users may also use this view to identify who has a connection to a target company, unlocking the opportunity for origination within their own firm. 


Streamline your process for capturing relationship data

No matter the size or strategy of your firm, we know that maintaining strong relationships is critical to your success. We also know that capturing the valuable data you need to improve your relationship coverage is time-consuming. DealCloud’s relationship management solution is aimed at alleviating this burden.


To learn how your firm can save time with DealCloud’s automated data capture capabilities, schedule a demo today.