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Easing the cloud migration process: Best change management practices for law firms

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Despite the many benefits of cloud-based timekeeping software, the prospect of migrating to the cloud can be daunting for some firm leaders. They’re often unsure how to approach such a substantial project, and worry how the cloud migration process will affect different teams at the firm.

During the webinar “Anatomy of a Cloud Migration,” a panel of Intapp representatives — including Julia Montgomery, Director of the Solutions Advisory Group; Alan Conway, Practice Group Lead for Operations and Finance; Gemma Watherston, Principal Consultant; and Ian Lauwerys, Solutions Advisory Director for Operations and Finance — discussed the different steps firms should take when considering cloud-based tools such as Intapp Time, part of the Intapp Operations & Finance suite.

The panel also discussed the role change management plays during the cloud migration process. “Change management is not a one-and-done; it’s something that spans the arc of your project,” explained Montgomery. “You’ll think about change management and engage in change management throughout the lifecycle of your migration project.”

Montgomery emphasized the value of early change management planning, and the importance of including the right people and resources on the migration project team at the outset. She and the other panelists also stressed that leaders must keep their professionals in mind before enacting any changes.

“First and foremost, change management is about people,” said Lauwerys. “Think about who’s affected by the change … [and why] the business needs to make this change.” To help accelerate adoption rates, Lauwerys suggested that change management leaders research and present the various ways that moving to the cloud will benefit and support professionals in their roles. He also recommended finding advocates within the organization to champion for these changes.

As for the cloud migration process itself, Intapp recommends breaking it down into four stages:

  • Discovery — Define what success looks like for your firm, learn how Intapp and our Intapp Partners can help you achieve your goals, and determine how these changes will affect different audiences in your organization.
  • Sales — Determine costs and incentives, define the initial engagement, scope the project, and create and sign the contract.
  • Migration — Deliver the project to scope, quality, schedule, and budget by working with Intapp and/or Intapp Partners, solutions engineering, and the client teams. Test the site and receive training before going live.
  • Post-live — Ensure success via Intapp Support and our solutions and client advisory teams. You can also access the Intapp Client Community and our Intapp Support Portal for assistance and advice.

Once your law firm has migrated to the Intapp Secure Cloud — which hosts our entire suite of industry-specific, cloud-based software solutions — your professionals can safely access data, update information, and collaborate on documents in real time. With Intapp Time, you can leverage built-in AI to capture, collect, and create more revenue while reducing leakage and the number of write-offs.

Watch the full webinar recording to learn more about change management and migrating to the cloud.

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