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3 Tips to Help Consulting Firms Drive Client Success

In today’s consulting world, firms are undergoing immense pressure to adapt quickly to the changing market, with the entry of non-traditional competitors, new M&A dealings, and fluidity around service offerings. In addition to a changing competitive landscape, clients are expecting greater – and more immediate – transparency and accessibility to information, making the need to improve the connection between a firm’s people, processes, and technology more important than ever. Intapp helps firms intensify the pace of innovation around their unique selling points by replacing the manual processes throughout the client lifecycle with purpose-built, AI-enhanced consulting firm software that shifts the paradigm to enable client and firm success.

Build A Foundation for Client Trust & Success in Consulting

Given that consultants are often trying to help their clients solve problems, getting to work on solving those problems and delivering client value in the least amount of time possible is critical. Most often, the traditional client intake process relies on email chains and siloed spreadsheets which create plenty of opportunities for the onboarding process to lull. Modernizing this process is a fundamental step in ensuring successful outcomes with each new client and engagement.

Intapp provides best-of-breed consulting firm software that helps firms accelerate client intake with highly configurable and automated workflows, as well as AI-assisted conflicts clearance with deeply integrated third-party data. Of course, while expedient onboarding is certainly a milestone in establishing client trust, firms can continue to foster that trust and exceed expectations throughout the course of the engagement.

Exceed Every Client Expectation

Yesterday’s informal processes for tracking and executing on client deliverables falls short when meeting today’s client expectations. The days where recollections on Friday afternoons of how consultants spent the week will no longer suffice. Modern firms streamline workflows by leveraging modern consulting solutions. Intapp automates timekeeping to provide real-time and accurate insights into engagement progress to support greater client transparency, building trust and positive outcomes. It provides event-based alerts to offer actionable intelligence, letting you make course corrections to keep engagements on plan and clients informed. And this consulting firm software helps you track budget-to-actuals to help identify the right level of resourcing and ensure profitable execution.

Adapt to Your Client’s Unique Needs

Every firm has unique needs. Intapp is purpose-built for consulting firms to offer flexibility to be configured and managed by the business owners of the process to accommodate changes in client demand and strategic alignment. The combined power of Intapp and Microsoft 365 boosts firmwide team collaboration with intelligent workspaces that make the most of Microsoft Teams, orchestrate document management across all your content sources for full lifecycle visibility and collaboration, and transform the client experience with secure, personalized external collaboration.

Boost client satisfaction with consulting firm software that provides secure anytime, anywhere client-centric collaboration — both inside and outside your firm — turning Microsoft Teams and SharePoint into secure, client-centered workspaces, creating transparency and effective feedback loops. Drive better decision making through proactive insights from continuously capturing information about engagements that helps your professionals keep clients happy.

Meet the Challenge

Hypercompetitive consulting firms must respond to increased client demands for transparency and value while protecting and preserving margins and profitability. This purpose-built consulting firm software leverages today’s most advanced technologies to help your firm meet that challenge, using a combination of automation and AI, applied against a central data repository, to help you meet client expectations, strengthen relationships, and build your business by staying on budget, on target, and on time.

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