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How document ingestion services can help accelerate dealmaking at your CRE firm

If you’re a commercial real estate investor or developer, you know that offering memorandums (OMs), or investment memorandums (IMs), are vital for screening deals. And you’re also probably painfully aware of just how time-intensive it is to sift through these lengthy, siloed documents to find the critical information you need — especially since they’re received from real estate brokers and sponsors in many different formats.

Aside from being slow and tedious, manual document ingestion siphons valuable time and resources away from your pursuit of new opportunities and deal closings. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Ensure fast and accurate OM data ingestion

With Intapp DealCloud — the pipeline, data, and relationship management solution trusted by over 2,400 firms worldwide — you can work more efficiently and gain first-mover advantage for the highest-quality deals with our new document ingestion service.

The service automatically extracts key data from OM documents, which is then efficiently reviewed by human eyes for accuracy. Once the data has been validated, it’s transferred to a standardized Excel spreadsheet, making it simple for your team to view and integrate critical deal, property, and market information.

Your firm can also use the extracted OM property and market data to build proprietary datasets that can be used to make informed decisions on real asset deals. Storing this information in one centralized platform allows teams to easily share insights firmwide and better understand your target markets and assets.

“With our new document ingestion service, CRE firms can accelerate dealmaking by focusing their time on strategic work that directly impacts their bottom lines — instead of on manual OM data transcription,” comments Ben Harrison, President, Financial Services at Intapp. “Our advanced data extraction technology, combined with the deep expertise of our commercial real estate team, gives DealCloud clients a powerful way to improve productivity while ensuring data integrity.”

To learn more about how Intapp DealCloud and our new document ingestion service can help your firm accelerate dealmaking and increase productivity, contact your account manager or schedule a demo today.