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Fast-track deal team clearance through automated checks

When considering a proposed deal — and when building the best team possible to support the transaction — it’s vital for consulting firms to first assess potential conflicts of interest to ensure that all industry regulations are met and no significant risks to the deal are present.

However, this necessary step in the due diligence process often requires manual checks —tedious work that can bog down a firm’s attempt to quickly close a deal. Although many firms have begun adopting automated checking systems to assist in the risk assessment process, professionals still aren’t able to conduct these checks on an individual level as fast as they (or their investors) would like.

Intapp Conflicts offers a team conflicts checking feature to help consulting firms like yours conduct the risk assessment process more efficiently than ever before. Learn how Intapp DealCloud can help users quickly assess their entire deal teams for conflicts of interest, make the appropriate adjustments, and share findings with investors to promptly move transactions forward.

Check your entire deal team for conflicts in seconds

With the Intapp Conflicts team conflicts feature, consulting firms can input proposed deal team members and run conflicts checks on entire teams within a single pane of glass, rather than inputting and assessing team members individually. By conducting the search across an entire team all at once, the team can then identify next steps more quickly.

Because DealCloud also serves as a housing system for a firm’s deal history, company data, and relationship network, conflicts officers can automate the deal team clearance process directly within DealCloud. After running the check, DealCloud will identify and escalate potential conflicts of interest to the deal team owner for review. If there are conflicts, the compliance team can immediately begin making assessments on how to move forward. If no conflicts of interest are present, dealmakers can swiftly and confidently close the deal.

Make and save rulings on conflicts of interest

Conflicts saves conflicts findings on both an individual and team level, making it simple for firms to find and refer to identified conflicts for future consideration. Firms can then discuss how they wish to proceed with a potential deal directly within DealCloud. These discussions can be accessed firmwide, providing transparency into the decision-making process and allowing future conflicts checks to refer to previous relevant rulings.

Issues or determinations of rulings can be shared via DealCloud Conflicts, either by submitting a comment or sending an email alert — keeping all conversations streamlined through the same system and ensuring both data cleanliness and firmwide visibility. Over time, as firms conduct more and more checks through the system, they’ll build robust histories of their conflicts rulings — deepening their institutional knowledge and allowing their dealmakers to build reputations for thoroughness, transparency, and airtight security measures.

Conduct audits with confidence

Should questions over any rulings arise, firms can turn to multiple save points for their deal, conflict, consideration, ruling, and notification processes. By conducting these searches and saving conversations all within the same platform, firms can mitigate the risk of missed steps or forgotten notes.

Because DealCloud is also a robust pipeline, relationship, and data platform, it becomes a single source of truth, housing all information from the moment a deal originates to the moment the closing paperwork is signed. Gone are the days of missing highly important details because your data is stored in disparate systems or individual hard drives.

Explore team conflicts checks for your firm

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