Meet our February Intapp Employee Hero: Mike Coss

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We’re excited to recognize Mike Coss as our February Intapp Hero!

Coss, a Manager of Managed Services at DealCloud, is based in Charlotte, North Carolina, and is recognized for supporting his colleagues and community, advocating for clients, and putting thought and effort into everything he does.

“I can’t think of anyone who is more deserving of this honor,” said Conner Kipke, Manager of Managed Services at DealCloud. “I’m extremely proud of him and all the great things he’s doing.”

“I continue to be so impressed with Mike’s in-depth knowledge of the DealCloud product — and even more so with his ability to build, manage, and maintain incredible client relationships,” said Brandon Lineberger, Senior Manager of Global Managed Services at Intapp. “His value to the managed services business cannot be understated.”

Coss first joined DealCloud in 2019 as an analyst before taking on the role of Associate of Managed Services in 2020. His unwavering perseverance and willingness to help both his teammates and clients led his recent promotion to Manager of Managed Services.

“Over the past year, Mike has shifted from being one of the highest contributors on the team to being an incredibly respected manager and mentor,” Lineberger said. “It’s exciting to watch him impart all his knowledge and skill sets to an entire team.”

Michael Sferratore, Senior Director of Account Management at DealCloud, added: “Mike and I have worked on numerous different client projects together, and I’ve always valued his ability to get things done. He understands the urgent need to execute and problem-solve, and he’s always focused on the client. No matter what is asked of him, he’ll be there. I’m so glad that he’s now in a leadership role and can influence and lead others.”

We’re honored to have Coss on our team. Please join us in congratulating him as our latest Intapp Hero.
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