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How Intapp successfully onboards firms

Deploying a system for your financial services firm can be a daunting and stressful process, as it can take months or even years identifying and implementing the best software for your organization. That said, it can also be quite exciting: With the right technology in place, your firm will be able to improve processes, save time, better manage relationships, and — most importantly — increase profitability. But none of that can happen without a successful implementation process.

At Intapp, we keep this understanding at the foreground of every implementation we embark on. Intapp DealCloud is a pipeline, relationship, and deal management solution purpose-built for financial services firms and their unique needs. Every new client has a dedicated team for each stage of the onboarding process, ensuring every firm is appropriately supported and their goals are met.

Here, we highlight how Intapp’s attention to business enablement provides your firm with a top-quality, hassle-free onboarding experience.

How Intapp guides firms through implementation

As soon as a capital markets firm makes the decision to adopt DealCloud as its single source of truth, our implementation team leaps into action. Intapp’s implementation team prioritizes each firm’s unique needs and caters the adoption experience to meet those needs.

From designing a platform specifically for your firm to safely and successfully migrating your firm’s data, the implementation team leverages its deep expertise and industry solution blueprints to guide your firm through every step of the process. To ensure best practices, our experts will tailor their recommendations based on the size of your firm, the number of use cases, and the vertical(s) that you cover.

Our goal is always the same: to efficiently guide firms through a successful and effective implementation, maintain consistent transparency, and be the best technology partner for your firm.

How Intapp encourages firmwide adoption and understanding

Since each firm is unique, our training team will consult with you to figure out the best way to train all future users. The Intapp training team embraces a collaborative approach — combining its industry expertise and best practices with your firm’s requirements — to help build a training plan that works for your firm.

Once the implementation process is complete, our trainers will provide live, on-site training to help streamline and encourage user adoption. In these training sessions, the Intapp team will highlight the value of the platform to all future users, from senior management to analysts, and answer questions as they arise.

The training team also manages Intapp DealCloud University — an online resource with how-to videos and other interactive documentation for self-guided training. A unique resource library, it is accessible 24/7 to all users to empower them to learn more as they gain confidence with the platform.

How Intapp provides proactive support

Intapp is continually improving its technology, which is why each of our clients has access to our account management and client success teams after implementation. Your account manager and client success manager will always be available to recommend the best ways your firm can optimize the DealCloud platform to meet its needs.

The Intapp team knows that as your firm evolves, the technology will need to as well. Our team will help you create an efficient tech solution so your end users can work more effectively together. We’ll support your firm through continued changes or updates, and partner with you to better understand any changes in your business.

Intapp account managers and client success managers are always available for you to leverage their industry expertise and address any pain points or challenges your firm may be facing. Consider them members of your team.

Learn more about implementing Intapp DealCloud

Intapp knows that adopting new technology can be a major undertaking, which is why we align our organization around your firm’s needs and ongoing success. Our dedicated teams will help onboard your firm and integrate DealCloud into your day-to-day processes, so that your firm is set up for success from day one.

We’re here to help — always. Take a tour of Intapp DealCloud to learn more about how your firm will be supported as a new Intapp client.