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How employee compliance software facilitates better dealmaking

Employee compliance is a necessity for all dealmakers. But if your firm relies on manual or homegrown processes, staying on top of compliance regulations is a cumbersome and costly task.

With an employee compliance software solution, on the other hand, your firm can easily monitor employee adherence to firm policies and comply with regulations. Intapp’s Employee Compliance solution provides both compliance officers and firm employees with an intuitive system that can grow with the ever-changing regulatory environment.

Below we share how our solution can streamline regulatory adherence, promote transparency, and minimize risks for your firm — all of which strengthen your firm’s deals.

Mitigate financial risk and protect your firm

Employee compliance software protects you from expensive noncompliance issues by monitoring employees’ personal outside activities and verifying trades.

History shows that rogue trading activities can result in substantial financial losses for the firm involved. For example, Jérôme Kerviel, a convicted rogue trader, cost Société Générale €4.9 billion in losses due to unauthorized trading activity in 2008. Similarly, the JPMorgan Chase “London Whale” scandal cost the bank $6.2 billion in losses. These losses also impacted these firms’ profitability, capital reserves, reputation, and shareholder value.

Incidents of unauthorized trading like these highlight potential deficiencies in risk management practices and internal controls within financial firms. However, with strong risk mitigation systems in place, firms can detect and prevent unauthorized activities.

With Intapp Employee Compliance software’s automated trade pre-clearance feature, compliance teams can be alerted to flagged trade requests based on the firm’s watch and restricted lists. Compliance teams can then make informed decisions on whether to allow the trade, and employees can conduct approved activities faster.

Being in the know allows you to quickly identify conflicts and promptly take action to prevent illegal behavior and financial penalties.

Stay on top of compliance regulations

In the financial services industry, which operates in a dynamic regulatory environment, proactive compliance is essential to avoid financial penalties and operational damages at any stage of a transaction.

According to Deloitte, “policymakers, regulators, and shareholders are looking for firms to not only meet new regulatory requirements, but to ensure the effectiveness of all that has already been built.”

As a business scales, keeping tabs on processes and decisions becomes more challenging. Tracing the source of a decision can be nearly impossible. However, employee compliance software enables you to efficiently manage documents.

For instance, Intapp Employee Compliance software offers comprehensive attestation and documentation management. When needed, you can find a trail of compliance activities and gather valuable evidence of regulatory adherence during audits, investigations, or legal disputes. Our software facilitates easy retrieval of records to meet any record-keeping compliance obligations, making your work less cumbersome.

Having access to documentation can help you quickly find the information you need once an agreement has been finalized.

Build your reputation through greater transparency

A company’s reputation hinges on organizational practices — employee compliance being one of them. Through greater corporate transparency, firms can improve their long-term value.

Rebecca Chasen, a risk and financial advisory partner at Deloitte Financial Advisory Services LLP, says, “The foundational role of compliance is to prevent, detect, respond to, and remediate risk. By modernizing the compliance function, however, [compliance] can potentially shift beyond the traditional role of value protection toward more value creation.”

Compliance is a long-term strategic approach that goes beyond short-term gains, requiring dealmakers to consider the lasting effects of their actions. By balancing short-term wins with long-term objectives, dealmakers increase their chances of securing deals that deliver sustained value.

Intapp’s Employee Compliance solution provides complete visibility into your employee’s actions and centralizes the monitoring and tracking of employee adherence to regulations and policies. Real-time oversight enables you to promptly identify and address compliance issues, preventing financial risks, reputational damage, and regulatory breaches before they escalate.

Additionally, you can benefit from a single source of truth where you can see all the policies and approvals together. As you’re actively building greater transparency within your firm, you’re positioning your firm to make great deals as you have all the information needed at your disposal.

Secure better deals with the right employee compliance software

Whether you’re looking to set your new deal up for success or confront a compliance issue before it affects future deals, having the right employee compliance software can make all the difference.

Intapp Employee Compliance software helps firms like yours navigate complex compliance standards by providing a real-time, firmwide view of your compliance landscape so you can quickly act against potential risks. The Intapp platform nurtures a proactive compliance culture, cultivating superior dealmakers while upholding the highest ethical standards.

Learn more about how Intapp can improve your approach to private equity compliance by scheduling a demo of Intapp’s employee compliance software.