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Inside Intapp Spotlight: Meet Donya Grissett, Implementation Analyst

Having already served in both client services roles and implementation roles within the health care sector, Donya Grissett decided to search for a new implementation job — one that offered more hands-on technical work. When Intapp announced it was hiring for the role of Implementation Analyst for the DealCloud platform, Grissett knew this was just the opportunity she had been looking for.

“I’d never worked within the private capital markets before, so it seemed like a fun way to branch out and do something out of my comfort zone,” Grissett explained. “I like that this job lets me work with variety of clients. Every implementation and customization of the DealCloud platform must suit each client’s specific needs, which keeps the work interesting.”

Although she was excited to take on her new role, Grissett also knew she would need to gain a better understanding of the ins and outs of the private capital markets to succeed in her work.

“Learning the terminology of private equity groups and investment banks was a learning curve since I didn’t have that industry experience,” Grissett said.

However, Grissett was able to quickly get up to speed and excel in her role thanks to the support of her team.

Building teamwork and transparency

To help her feel more confident and comfortable in her role, the Implementation team — as well as the larger Intapp and DealCloud teams — provided Grissett with plenty of insight into the work she would soon take on.

“I was able to attend and listen in on client calls, and would shadow other implementation analysts and senior associates,” Grissett said. “I also had a lot of one-on-one meetings with different team members to learn as much as possible from different perspectives.”              

Grissett added: “My manager, Grant Smith, made sure I got exposure to all different types of clients before taking on my own project. Grant is a great manager, and he’s really good at getting his team to dig deep and develop more skills.”

In addition to constantly learning new skills, Grissett and her teammates are also encouraged to be open about any challenges they’re facing or any questions they have during their weekly team meetings. They’re also encouraged to work closely with other Intapp and DealCloud team members to brainstorm and develop solutions.

“Everyone at this company is really helpful,” Grissett said. “Even if they’re busy, they always take time to answer your questions or hop on a quick call to help you navigate things.”

Grissett believes that this cross-team collaboration and transparency is what helps make the work culture at Intapp and DealCloud so strong.

“Teamwork is key,” she explained. “Projects almost always include team members who aren’t on your immediate team — some of whom may be in different locations around the world — so it’s important to be able to work well with different people with different project management techniques.”

Finding new and creative solutions

As Implementation Analyst, Grissett works closely with clients to ensure a successful deployment and adoption of the DealCloud platform.

“I enjoy the background work of building client sites and setting up their entry forms, template reports, and dashboards,” Grissett said. “I love that I get to use my technical skills, and it feels satisfying to see it all come together.”

Grissett is currently working with a large firm to help it streamline the way in which data is displayed on its website — without its professionals having to constantly input the data manually.

“I’ve had to learn more complex solutions to help this firm achieve this,” Grissett explained. “Even though it’s challenging, it’s nice to learn a new side of the platform’s capabilities and finding more creative solutions.”

We’re excited to see what other creative solutions Grissett and her team come up with as they continue to support our clients.

Interested in working alongside Grissett and the rest of our amazing team, or know someone who is? Visit intapp.com/careers to view our current job opportunities.