Inside Intapp Spotlight: Meet Jaqualia Jones, Senior Manager of Client Success

When a former co-worker reached out to Jaqualia Jones to tell her about a job opening at Intapp, Jones was intrigued. “Laura Fallone [Senior Director of Client Experience at Intapp] talked to me about joining the Client Success team,” Jones explained. “I told her that I wanted to work at place where I could truly believe in the product, the company, and the vision. For me, company culture really matters.”

Jones had been at her previous job for more than 3 years and was happy there, so she wasn’t sure if she wanted to make a transition to a new role. “But,” Jones revealed, “I trusted Laura’s judgment, and I respect her as a person and a leader.” So she went ahead and applied for the job.

The interview process only cemented her hunch that Intapp would be a great next step for her career. “Everyone I spoke with was really engaged,” said Jones. As she met with her future colleagues, she noted that they were all closely aligned in their goals, which really made an impression on her. “It was an actual sense of culture and not just checking a box,” said Jones.

Growing into a management role to support others

After joining Intapp in April 2020, Jones was promoted to Senior Manager of Client Success in December 2021. However, she was concerned about moving up into management.

“Before I became a manager at Intapp, I thought the transition to a management role would be harder,” Jones said. “But then I realized I already had the skills.”

In her previous roles, Jones had been a team lead, so she was already adept at providing guidance and instruction to team members and enjoyed mentoring. And she herself also had plenty of guidance from her own mentors at Intapp.

“Katie Harrington [Senior Manager of Client Success at Intapp] took me under her wing, showed me the ropes of management, and shared her successes,” said Jones. With her dedicated work ethic and people-first philosophy, Jones quickly gained the trust of her direct reports and became an effective — and beloved — manager.

“To be an effective manager, you have to understand that you can’t manage everyone the same way because everyone is an individual,” explained Jones. Although she shares the same information with all her direct reports, she doesn’t present it in the same way to everyone since her team members may have different learning styles.

“I see them as a person first and then as an employee,” said Jones. She takes the time to understand her team members’ social cues, learn what motivates them, and determine how to best support and congratulate their efforts.

“For example, some team members want one-on-one recognition, while others want to be recognized in front of the whole team,” said Jones. It’s her attention to details like these that allow Jones to build a safe and supportive work environment and serve as a compassionate and encouraging leader.

Collaborating with team members to uplevel client service

Jones and the Client Success team support clients in any way they can, from setting up best practices to listening to constructive feedback on how Intapp can improve its technology. As the first point of contact for clients, it’s important that the Client Success team represents the company with positivity and grace.

“Even if it’s been a long day for us, the client shouldn’t hear any of that in our communication,” Jones said. “We must show up for our clients and put enthusiasm in our voice.”

Luckily, being enthusiastic and passionate about helping clients is second nature to Jones and her team. Jones said: “Intapp already has an amazing culture, and the Client Success team takes it to the next level. We’re always energetic: It’s just part of the Client Success team’s personality.”

Jones emphasized that in order for a team to consistently be positive and productive, managers must promote strong collaboration within that team. By exchanging ideas and working together, team members can learn from one another and achieve better outcomes as a result. For example, the more experienced members on the Client Success team help coach new colleagues on the best way to handle difficult clients, sharing their tips and tricks.

“There are challenges to ensuring a consistent experience for clients,” admitted Jones. But with supportive and collaborative managers like Jones leading the way, the Client Success team delivers every time.

“I really enjoy working with the individuals on my team,” said Jones. “They all work really hard and inspire me every day.”

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