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Inside Intapp Spotlight: Meet Laura Fallone, Senior Director of Client Experience

After talking to team members and leaders during her interview with DealCloud — and learning how passionate they are about helping their clients — Laura Fallone knew she wanted to be a part of that team and help DealCloud build its new Client Success and Support department. Fallone recognized how great of an impact DealCloud’s industry-specific technology could have on financial services firms, especially since the company owned its own product.

“Ownership of a product plays a huge part in the success of a business because you can enhance and improve the software based on client and internal feedback without restrictions from an outside company,” Fallone explained.

Laura Fallone with the DealCloud Client Experience team at a social eventSince joining DealCloud in 2019, Fallone has been promoted multiple times, and she now serves as the company’s Senior Director of Client Experience. In this role, she and her team work with clients and internal stakeholders to continuously improve the client experience by capturing the voice of our clients and understanding their values, needs, and behaviors to ensure a seamless client experience from the moment clients select DealCloud as their platform.

“The client experience is our team’s number-one priority,” said Fallone. “We know our product better fits clients’ needs in the financial services industry, and I want to make sure that reputation carries through to our clients’ experience with our product and our people.”

To enhance client satisfaction, Fallone and her Client Success and Support teams-built processes and best practices around product and industry expertise and created a model that allows them to move from fully reactive to a more proactive client engagement approach.

“When I started 4 years ago, the Client Success and Support team was basically a few individuals managing a helpdesk to triage and answer questions from clients,” Fallone said. “Now, we are partners and consultants, focused on user adoption, training and client enablement, and overall client satisfaction. We can track how our clients interact with our product and be proactive when talking to them to ensure they’re using the platform the way they intended.”

Bringing in talent and supporting team members

In addition to improving the client experience, Fallone helped DealCloud build upon its onboarding program to ensure that new hires from across departments — including the Client Success, Support, Product, Services, Account Management, and Sales teams — are well prepared for their new roles.

“New hires attend a 4-week program where they come together in group sessions to learn about the industries we serve, our platform, and the various departments they will interact with as a part of the DealCloud team,” said Fallone. “This greatly helps new hires get to know one another and Intapp better and helps them feel part of the team from day one.”

Because the DealCloud platform is constantly evolving, it’s difficult to keep both new hires and experienced team members up to speed on the product’s numerous features. To ensure they receive the most accurate and up-to-date information, Fallone and her team rely on internal subject matter experts to lead the onboarding and product enablement initiative.

“We work closely with people from different departments to discuss what we need to do from an onboarding and product enablement perspective,” Fallone said. “This helps us ensure that we’re focusing on the right features and enhancements that our teams need to be knowledgeable about in order to support our clients.”

Overcoming challenges together

The DealCloud team’s passion for innovation and client success continues to inspire and motivate Fallone in her work, just as it did when she first joined the company. Although she and her team face new challenges every day, she knows she can count on people throughout the company to help and support them.

Laura Fallone with members of the DealCloud Client Experience team“All the people I’ve interacted with across departments have an inherent willingness to roll up their sleeves and dig into any challenge with you,” said Fallone. “Even if it’s not part of their job, their mindset is always: ‘Let’s figure this out together.’”

Fallone also noted that Intapp and DealCloud encourage employees to embrace curiosity, learning, and innovation — all of which are critical in creating a successful career path.

“Being curious and asking questions helps you grow,” Fallone said. “A huge part of my success after joining the DealCloud team, was asking my team questions and having them be my teacher. And of course, just jumping in and playing around with the product to really understand it.”

Fallone concluded: “Be a doer. Get your hands dirty and learn everything you can.”

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