Intapp Spotlight: Meet Marika Crowe, DealCloud Principal Implementation Services

Marika Crowe and co-workers sitting at a table at the NC Tech Awards

Marika Crowe joined DealCloud in 2018 in the Charlotte, North Carolina office just after the company’s acquisition by Intapp. She’d heard about DealCloud from one of her former Vanderbilt University track and cross-country teammates, Hannah Wilson, Senior Manager of DealCloud Business Operations.

Crowe was able to speak with leadership from the services organization and enjoyed the energy in the building. “I took a leap of faith and am super grateful for Hannah and the interview process. All of these factors enabled me to be where I am today.”

Getting Promoted and Developing New Skills

Crowe began her career at DealCloud as an engagement manager; in early 2021, she was promoted to the role of Principal of Implementation Services. Crowe also took an interim role to help DealCloud successfully reorganize during the acquisition period, and worked with the director of engagement management to help facilitate the integration of the two companies’ engagement teams.

“I really enjoyed my time working with clients on the engagement team,” said Crowe. “Throughout that period, I worked with my now-manager, Connor Chapman, and Erin Guinan, Vice President of Intapp Global Services Delivery. They both saw a gap in Connor’s team in this segment, so they asked me if I would be interested.”

Crowe’s role, as principal, supports the Sales and Services organization representing the DealCloud division. “It was a unique opportunity where I could develop new skill sets, including a lot of presales work, which I find interesting,” she said.

Crowe also savors the ability to work directly with Chapman. “It was really compelling because he was assigned to be my mentor 2 years prior. The mentorship I’ve received at DealCloud has just been absolutely fantastic. It’s my favorite part of the company.”

Overcoming Challenges and Collaborating to Drive Value

Crowe’s first few weeks a DealCloud were exciting, to say the least, and gave her ample opportunity to show off her problem-solving skills. “I was put in quite a few very challenging client situations as an engagement manager within the first 6 months, so I had to be creative and nimble,” said Crowe. “You really have to put your nose to the grindstone because there’s an importance to being dedicated to the work and taking on extra projects to deliver a great outcome. It’s very rewarding.”

Crowe recognizes the need for collaboration to overcome problems and to ensure the product roadmap reflects the competitive landscape. She enjoys working with many different teams, such as Product Management, Sales, and Marketing.

“Being able to collaborate with all these groups to drive value is probably my favorite part of my job,” Crowe said. In fact, she considers the company’s product releases to be the best 4 days of her work year. “I’m always excited to see what our product team is cooking up — we’re always reinvesting in our products, which is not the norm across the industry. I’m always learning something new.”

Crowe believes the company acknowledges hard work and effort. “People recognize when you go above and beyond in challenging situations. I’m super grateful for these learning opportunities and coming out on top with a happy manager, happy client, and successful deployment.”

Growing Her Career Through Mentorship

Marika Crowe and Priyanka Katepally

Crowe remains eager to grow her career at the company, not just because of the work itself but because of the people within the Intapp family. She explained: “Our flat organization allows for a lot of peer mentorship, and our leadership is receptive and willing to support rising stars in the organization.” Crowe believes that this culture stems from Intapp having grown from the ground up, and that, after 20 years, employees have a lot of financial and personal stake to drive the success of the company in whatever ways they can.

“When an organization is growing the ways that we are, change can be scary for some people,” said Crowe. “But if you react positively and look for opportunities, you’ll find them. Intapp is a great place to grow your career and chart your own path.” She advises others to find a gap in their company or identify a problem that needs to be solved, and to be empowered to pursue their goals.

Helping the Team to Adapt

Crowe described her team in three words, “Dedicated, driven, and collaborative.” She continued: “We all have a common goal and are passionate about driving revenue, growth, and supporting the strategic initiatives defined by our leaders. We want to take the company to the next level. Our ability to adapt is the key to our team’s success.”

Crowe hopes to see more people join the company and advises new employees to be their own advocates. “Ask to join a meeting or shadow someone for a day,” she suggested. “Take the time to try to figure it out yourself, but don’t spin your wheels unnecessarily. Rely on your team and the company’s internal resources, and put yourself in situations where you can learn from high performers.”

Crowe concluded: “And finally, identify people who you respect based on their conduct in the workplace, and mimic what they do while adding your own flair.”

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