Inside Intapp Spotlight: Meet Nipam Kothari, Senior DevOps Engineer at Intapp

Nipam Kothari joined Intapp in 2018 after responding to a LinkedIn post that sparked his curiosity. He’d focused on optimizing the cloud in his previous role and was eager to bring this experience to Intapp and help clients transition to cloud-based solutions. During the interview process, Kothari felt “at home” and was really drawn to the team. Now, 2 years later, Kothari says he is glad he followed his gut to join the Intapp DevOps team, stating that both his teammates and opportunities for cross-team collaboration are the top reasons he continues to grow his career with Intapp.

“The DevOps team is resilient, reliable, and adaptive,” said Kothari. “We lead with trust and truth; we are brutally honest with one another, and we listen to feedback and apply those learnings to constantly evolve our systems to provide a better experience for our clients.” 

Kothari playfully referred to his team as a bunch of “nerds,” explaining that they’re really passionate about their work and always looking for new technology to improve the business. At Intapp, we greatly value the DevOps team’s expertise, and continually lean into their suggestions around infrastructure and operations to enhance our products. 

When asked what he enjoys about his role, Kothari recalled two things: “I like the challenge of keeping things running 24/7 by ensuring the data is reliable and successfully transmitted from law firms to our cloud. I also value the collaboration we have with our Development team, specifically providing proactive guidance around operational challenges when designing a new product, system, or architecture.”

Throughout his tenure, Kothari has made many valuable contributions; one of his earliest projects made significant strides in improving our service for clients. Kothari set out to understand why there was so much downtime when services went down, and launched a cloud production readiness program that helped his team define basic methodologies and processes to complete tasks more efficiently. After a year of implementing this checklist, Intapp service reliability and availability shot up to 99.99%. Downtime dropped significantly, saving between 2 and 3 hours of troubleshooting time per outage.

Looking forward, Kothari says he’s most excited to tackle a new machine learning project. “It’s a complete paradigm shift from what DevOps practices were 2 years ago,” he said. Although the project is still in the early stages, he has complete confidence that he and his team will figure it out together.

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