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Inside Intapp Spotlight: Meet Shalaka Natu, Director of Product Management, Risk Solutions at Intapp

After 15 years at Oracle, working her way up to Group Manager of Product Management and Engineering, Shalaka Natu was ready to take the next step. “I was looking for a fast-paced and outcome-driven environment for my next adventure,” Natu explained.

When she discovered Intapp, Natu was intrigued by not only the company’s business model and growth trajectory, but also the people and culture. “When I talked to the team at Intapp, I was impressed by their talent, commitment, and passion for the company and its vision,” Natu said.

Describing the pivotal role of product management at Intapp, Natu explained, “As a product manager, you are at the forefront of the company and work with every function. I believed it was a great opportunity to make a meaningful impact.”

Expanding Diversity in the Workplace

When Natu embarked on her new role at Intapp in 2018, she had her first exposure to the legal industry and felt the lack of diversity. “I felt different and underrepresented,” she admitted. “I was looking for good role models for me at Intapp.”

Natu describes feeling heartened by the measures put in place by Intapp leadership to support a diverse workforce — including the implementation of a variety of programs — to not only support current employees, but also recruit and hire from a diverse talent pool.

“These are all encouraging steps that the company is taking,” Natu commented.

Natu also received support from her teammates, whom she described as motivated, energetic, and client-centric. “Our group is committed to the work, and we love to delight our clients,” she stated.

Cultivating a Culture of Excellence

In her leadership role, Natu has collaborated with internal teams, clients, business partners, and technology vendors on a plethora of unique projects. An ongoing favorite of Natu’s is partnering with external data providers to leverage the content our clients need to make their business decisions without leaving the Intapp platform. “The investment was well worth it,” she revealed. “It’s all about the client journey, and I think we achieved a lot by making this ongoing strategic investment.”

To better understand the client experience, Natu’s team holds “Watch Them Work” sessions where team members spend a day with Intapp clients to study how they are using Intapp solutions to drive business outcomes. “To me, it makes our work come to life in the real world because we see firsthand how we are solving a client’s problem and making their life easier,” she explained.

During the previous two years, Natu’s team has doubled the size of its portfolio, and more than doubled its revenue. Natu is proud of her team’s accomplishments, and happy to be a part of an organization that values effort, collaboration, and excellence.

“Intapp has a results-driven, flexible culture,” Natu said. “I’ve witnessed many occasions where we’ve prioritized putting together the best team, irrespective of roles or titles, based on the demands of the situation.”

Supporting One Another Throughout the Pandemic

When the COVID-19 pandemic landed last year, Intapp immediately transitioned to a fully remote workforce. The company not only allocated budget to help staff set up home offices, but also added extra work holidays to help alleviate stress.

HR continues to offer virtual counseling to any staff member who wishes to take advantage of the service. “I appreciate the Intapp mission to keep us all safe, and ensure that we are supported,” said Natu, who is looking forward to returning to the office in person for the social aspect.

Interested in working alongside Natu and the rest of our amazing team, or know someone who is? Visit intapp.com/careers to view our current job opportunities.