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Minimize manual tasks and access key insights

For professionals across advisory, legal, and capital markets firms, the rise of new technologies such as generative artificial intelligence (AI) has redefined day-to-day workflows, enabling firms to make smarter decisions and find new opportunities. At the same time, generative AI makes your life and your teams’ lives easier.

Discover how your firm can enjoy these advantages with Intapp Assist for DealCloud, which integrates generative AI technology and automation into your existing workflows.

Intapp Assist for DealCloud: Generative AI features that power business development and reduce manual work

Intapp Assist for DealCloud gives you four new AI-powered features that support your business development and day-to-day work:

  • Relationship signals
  • Contextual email outreach
  • Summaries
  • Entry-form content generation

Relationship signals make it easier to keep key relationships warm

Relationship signals deliver key insights and actionable suggestions for contacts and events via an AI-driven relationship intelligence feed.

“Just like the algorithm in your favorite social media platform looks at what you’re reading and engaging with, the relationship signals feature looks at who you’re reaching out to and talking to and suggests actions you can take,” explains Emanuel Mesa, an Intapp Industry Cloud Architect. “For example, it can suggest reaching out to a cooling contact, or provide to-dos for upcoming meetings.”

These suggestions are helpful because many busy professionals may not always have the time to make business development a part of their daily routine.

“Relationship signals make business development easier for everyone,” Mesa says. “Most days, you log into your computer and simply start working on your deal, matter, or engagement. But relationship signals bring you this other information that you can spend 5 or 10 minutes reviewing and acting on so that you can grow your firm’s practice.”

For example, the generative AI built into the relationship signals feed notifies team members when new executives join the companies in their networks — letting your professionals know who to connect with to grow their networks.

The relationship signals feed informs your team about other market events as well — such as when important contacts change roles or move to different companies, or when a company is acquired or receives new funding. Staying informed about these kinds of market events helps your teams identify time-sensitive opportunities and anticipate their targets’ needs.

Relationship signals help you prepare for client meetings

The relationship signals feed also informs your professionals about relevant details before client meetings, helping them engage with clients more effectively on business opportunities. These details could include recent deals, company news, relationship intelligence, and prior interactions and outcomes.

The company news insights, drawn from Intapp partner Owler, are personalized for each user based on the companies that the user is connected to. Intapp’s relationship intelligence AI automatically discovers these companies by scraping contacts from users’ Microsoft Outlook messages.

The relationship signals feed highlights which contacts and companies your professionals should follow up with, providing timely reminders and valuable context. The feed also shows users relevant news from their contact companies, saving them the time and effort of visiting each company’s site to search for updates.

Relationship signals help you adopt rainmaker behaviors

By preparing you for meetings and prompting other user actions, relationship signals help your professionals adopt key Activator rainmaker behaviors. The value of the Activator business-development approach was identified by the Rainmaker Genome Project, a quantitative study designed to uncover what makes top-performing business developers different from their peers. Produced by Intapp and DCM Insights, the study revealed that adopting Activator behaviors can increase the average partner’s revenue generation by up to 32%.

Activators show three key behaviors:

  • Committing time and effort to consistent business development
  • Connecting with others, both in person and online, to work to grow their networks
  • Creating opportunities to proactively engage with clients on potential new business opportunities

Relationship signals make each of these behaviors easier to execute.

Generative AI-assisted email outreach and summaries save your professionals valuable time and increase engagement

After relationship signals nudge your professionals to email particular contacts and add notes from their meetings, two additional generative AI tools in Intapp Assist for DealCloud support these tasks.

Contextual email outreach can generate drafts of your emails, including emails to contacts. When a user fills in the recipient in a draft email message, Intapp Assist provides a personalized summary of recent interactions with that recipient, information about who at your firm has a relationship with the recipient, and relevant news to help you customize your message. As a result, your professionals won’t have to sift through various emails and applications to find this information.

Moreover, Intapp Assist can incorporate this information into an AI-generated draft of the message. For example, if the recipient has previously interacted with a colleague at your firm, the AI-drafted message may reference that connection: “Lindsay Edwards suggested I contact you.” These personalized touches can result in better engagement.  

Likewise, your users can use the summaries function to generate summaries of meetings, deals, and more. The summaries feature distills information into digestible bite-sized lists and generates key insights for deals or matters, client activity, and account details. This feature will save you and your team the time and trouble of manually parsing data to glean key findings.

Work more efficiently with narrative generation

Intapp Assist offers another key time-saver in DealCloud: entry-form content generation. This feature uses generative AI to fill in data fields — such as meeting summaries, follow-up notes, client and contact profiles, professional bios, and deal overviews — in DealCloud’s platform, saving your professionals the time and effort required to manually add information and data.

In addition to saving users time, the content generation feature means that users never have to face a blank page (or entry form, in this case). Intapp Assist instead generates an initial draft that users can react to and edit.

Interested in using generative AI to support your day-to-day work and business development efforts?

Embracing AI is no longer an option — it is a necessity for financial and professional services firms looking to succeed in competitive landscapes. With integrated workflows, valuable relationship intelligence, and configurable reports, DealCloud provides real-time insights so your teams can make better, faster decisions.

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