Meet January’s Intapp Employee Hero: Tanya Tomkiewicz

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Our January Intapp Hero, Senior Client Advocacy Manager Tanya Tomkiewicz, has served clients at Intapp for 6 years. During this time, she has worked closely with numerous professionals, providing them with the support they need to reach their firms’ unique objectives. Several of her clients have praised her tremendous advocacy and strong focus on client experience and care.  

“Tanya has been instrumental in organizing outstanding issues, escalating them appropriately, and seeing them through to resolution,” said Jake Zerin, Manager of Information Applications and Solutions at one of our client law firms. “Often these issues are critical and time sensitive, and Tanya maintains a positive and even-keeled attitude, which is very helpful and appreciated.”

Stephen Smith, Director of Application Development at another client law firm added, “We’ve been working with Tanya for a number of years now.  She’s always available, and we feel she cares about our needs.  I’m comfortable reaching out to Tanya directly for any issues I feel need escalation. She responds right away, day or night, and always ensures we get the help we need.” 

Tomkiewicz’s colleagues have also noted her diligence, positive attitude, and willingness to go above and beyond to serve clients. Maureen Leuenberger, Client Experience Director at Intapp, said, “Tanya stands out to me as someone singularly focused on the client experience and client care.  She is a consistent, guiding presence for many of our most complex and largest clients.”

Leuenberger continued: “I’m most impressed with her willingness to go above and beyond to resolve an issue and advocate for a client, mobilizing and influencing resources across functional areas and business units effectively, and following up through to completion.”

“Tanya represents the very best in client service,” said Jennifer Richard, Account Management Vice President at Intapp. “She’s always quick to greet colleagues and clients alike with her infectious and cheerful disposition. She’s a joy to work with and her clients truly love her. It’s incredibly assuring to know when Tanya is engaged with a client because you know they’ll get what they need, when they need it.”

Please join us in congratulating Tanya Tomkiewicz as our latest Intapp Hero! We’re so happy to have her on our team, and we appreciate everything she does to help us better serve our clients. We want to hear your #IntappHero stories: Nominate an Intapp employee, client, partner, or team for exceeding your expectations.