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Mayer Brown: Why we created a modern workplace team


The modern workplace team strives to help Mayer Brown’s personnel make the best use of the tools at their disposal and to continuously improve — there’s that innovation aspect there — the technology experience of all the attorneys and business services staff.

It was really our continuing integration with Microsoft 365 and related apps such as Teams and OneNote planner — and there’s more to come from Microsoft. But more importantly, we started looking at the ecosystem.

It’s not just the standalone apps I mentioned. It’s what our lawyers and business staff use every day on a daily basis — our core user technology.

How do we administer this? We’ve been working with Teams for two years or so. But the question comes down to: From a large-scale perspective, how do we administer it? But more importantly, how do we improve its use, change management, and user adoption?

One of the aspects that the Intapp Microsoft partnership is supporting us with is: How do we manage the Microsoft 365 ecosystem? That’s critical to us as we move forward.

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