Meet November’s Intapp Employee Hero: Dmytro Koval

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Our November Intapp Hero, Software Engineer Dmytro (Dima) Koval, is responsible for ensuring reliable, stable, and consistent cloud service to our clients. It’s a critical role, that often calls for late nights, early mornings, and plenty of hard work in between. Koval is known for his incredible diligence, attention to detail, and his willingness to do whatever it takes to ensure our clients’ mission-critical solutions remain running.

“As the engineering lead for our most critical cloud service, Dima’s number one objective is to ensure that our clients’ business is never impacted due to outages in the services we build,” said Ilya Polishchuk, Analytics Lead Software Developer at Intapp. “Night or day, he is always ready to ensure our clients do not experience issues or downtime. He’s always pushing to make our cloud services as stable and resilient as possible.”

Laurent Dinard, Product Management Director at Intapp, noted Koval’s incredible talent, creativity, and flexibility: “Dima is the whole package. He can design, innovate, code, and collaborate. He always opens up his schedule and makes himself available to jump on calls with clients at a moment’s notice.”

One of Intapp’s core values is intellectual curiosity, which Koval embodies by continuously focusing on expanding his knowledge and skills. “When issues arise, no matter how high-stakes or pressure-filled, Dima investigates with a calm and thorough approach,” said Sumit Garg, Sr. Engineering Director at Intapp. “His self-confidence comes from his ability to keep learning and his constant need to go deeper in understanding software. These qualities and confidence in his knowledge about Intapp’s most critical service are vital strengths to both our organization and our clients.”

Please join us in congratulating Koval as our latest Intapp Hero! We’re so happy to have him on our team, and we appreciate everything he does to help us better serve our clients.


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