Meet WIN’s Executive Sponsors: Jennifer Richard and Lavinia Calvert

The Women’s Interest Network (WIN) at Intapp was established as a means of growing, supporting, and investing in our global community of women. From discussing women’s experiences in the workplace to developing new ways to promote inclusion and mentor new leaders, Intapp is dedicated to building a culture where all women can thrive.

As WIN’s Executive Sponsors, Jennifer Richard, Vice President of Client Operations, and Lavinia Calvert, Vice President and Legal Industry Principal, are both passionate about providing a supportive network for women within our company. Learn how these two leaders first got involved with Intapp and what inspired them to oversee WIN.

When did you first join Intapp?

Richard: I previously worked at the Frayman Group before they were acquired by Intapp in 2014. Soon after the acquisition, I quickly realized that, like me, Intapp was — and still remains — dedicated to solving business issues for the unique client base they serve. Our C-team and E-team also happen to be amazing visionaries. They’re thoughtful, educated on every aspect of our business, and focused on what our clients need now and in the future.

Calvert: I also joined Intapp via an acquisition. Intapp acquired OnePlace in 2019, and I decided to stay because I saw huge potential for the company. The week we were acquired, some of our original OnePlace leadership team attended an Intapp conference in London, where [CEO] John Hall and [Chief Product Officer] Thad Jampol presented on the company’s vision and strategy. I was excited by what they shared. I also felt an immediate connection to the company’s culture.

What’s the culture like at Intapp?

Calvert: The company is very flexible in letting you choose your own adventure. I love that about our culture. You’re not stuck in one role. There are lots of avenues for growth. And as the company grows, so will the opportunities for people to grow with it.

For example, I’ve had four roles in 4 years here. I’ve been able to move around the business and experience different aspects of the company, which makes it interesting and fun.   

Richard: Agreed. One of the most fulfilling aspects of my journey here at Intapp has been becoming a manager and helping others find opportunities to grow their careers. There aren’t a lot of places where women in tech are given these types of opportunities, but I and many others have had quite a few here at Intapp.

How did you get involved with WIN?

Calvert: When the WIN program was first launched, the original Executive Sponsor asked me to co-sponsor with her as she thought I would be a good role model. I was happy to join her because I believe in the value of diverse voices, experiences, and ways of thinking.

Women should have a stronger voice in business, especially in the technology industry. We need to be more intentional about promoting women and identifying opportunities for women to lead.

We have lots of very talented, competent, and experienced women here at Intapp, and I want to support, advance, and uplift this community in any way I can.

Richard: After our original WIN Executive Sponsor left the organization, I was approached to take her place. I was very interested since I was already mentoring and coaching some women at Intapp. This was a great opportunity to help even more women within the organization.

It’s rewarding to be part of a community that’s looking to inspire and support people of any background. I love hearing feedback from folks about the value that our WIN team is delivering.

What’s it been like co-sponsoring WIN?

Calvert: It’s a pleasure and a privilege for me to be a WIN Executive Sponsor. As Executive Sponsors, Jennifer and I support and remove any roadblocks for the program and promote WIN initiatives within the organization. We have many different initiatives, including our leadership development program, mentoring program, and a speaker series.

The mentor program is pivotal to WIN’s ongoing success. We pair people up and provide women with the support that they need. Whether they want to discuss career development or just bounce ideas off someone, these women can reach out to their mentors and find support.

Richard: Our speaker series is also very impactful. I’ve learned so much from those who participate in this series, and I enjoy listening to their insights, ideas, and experiences.

Even though WIN has a lot of programming focused on women, it’s also about building a community of people who are like-minded and looking to support one another in their career growth. That’s why we’ve also made a point to include men in our programming.

Calvert: Having male colleagues participate in WIN is invaluable. For example, Guy Adams [Vice President of the Legal Industry Group at Intapp] is involved in the mentor program. He is overtly supportive of the women he works with and is always looking for opportunities to uplift everyone around him.

What do you hope the future holds for WIN?

Richard: I hope we keep growing the WIN leadership team so that we can extend our reach and provide even more content and resources to the community. We’ve already grown so much within the last 6 to 9 months, with the team at least doubling in size. It’s clear that our employees view WIN as meaningful and valuable.

Calvert: I hope Intapp becomes a strong employer brand for women in technology. Intapp is a fantastic technology company, and I’d love for every woman who joins our organization to feel empowered, supported, and encouraged to grow professionally and personally here.

I think WIN can help us drive constructive and positive change to attract and retain more women. My hope is that we’ll continue to see even more women and people of diverse backgrounds at all levels of the company, including the most senior — not just because our clients expect it, but because it’s the right thing to do.