Meet our November Intapp Employee Hero, Samantha Kobak

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This month, we’re excited to recognize Samantha Kobak, Senior Manager of Solutions Engineering, as our Intapp Hero. Based in Chicago, Kobak is recognized for working collaboratively, building trust, and supporting her community.

“Sam is invaluable to Intapp,” said Marc Schmandin, Senior Manager of Global Project Management at Intapp. “Her drive to improve isn’t limited to herself; she’s driven to support her leadership colleagues, her team, and Intapp as a whole to successfully serve our clients. I don’t know anyone who has been as consistent as Sam.”

Many of Kobak’s colleagues praised her for consistently supporting her team and clients. Koback often tackles her team’s most difficult projects, and her strong knowledge of Intapp products lets her help clients make the best decisions for their organizations.

“Sam is so kind with her time, colleagues, and clients,” said Schmandin. “Sam has a wealth of experience with Intapp products and how best to implement them. She is such a trusted advisor. You know you’re getting all the facts with which to make decisions.”

We’re honored to have Kobak on our team. Please join us in congratulating her as our latest Intapp Hero.


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