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Product release: Summer 2020 updates and enhancements

When we shared the results of our inaugural Pulse Survey, we weren’t surprised to find that modern technology provides a competitive advantage. Hot on the heels of that finding, DealCloud’s summer 2020 product release focuses on further modernizing our application ecosystem, revamping user interfaces to speed up the time to results, and decreasing the amount of time users spend on administrative tasks.

As part of these product updates, we’re excited to announce a brand-new version of our mobile app that makes it easier to access DealCloud on the go. This update furthers our goal of ensuring you can keep moving your deals along no matter how or where dealmakers are working. With a more intuitive navigation experience, access to reports and dashboards, and integration with work calendars, our revamped mobile app gives your dealmakers a great deal of flexibility along with the ability to be instantly responsive.

The summer 2020 DealCloud release includes many enhancements to the way DealCloud clients visualize, display, and leverage both proprietary and third-party data. Read below for more insight into the features and functionalities that have been updated in this product release.

What’s new?

New DealCloud mobile app

DealCloud product

On-the-go dealmaking just got better. This release includes a completely revamped version of the DealCloud mobile app. We’ve focused on helping users access more of their DealCloud data through their mobile phones and tablets. This release contains a number of key features, and makes it substantially easier to log meeting notes, scan business cards, and enter data.

  • 360-degree meeting overviews: The mobile app provides dealmakers with a single point of reference for reviewing and prepping for meetings, and the ability to log notes afterward. The new version allows users to link their work calendars to the mobile app and get a 360-degree overview of any meeting. iOS users will also be able to sync meetings directly to DealCloud. Once synced, users will be able to log their meeting notes directly into the app.
  • Access to all DealCloud web content: Users can now access all of their reports, dashboards, charts, grids, lists, views, and template reports from within the app. They can also search for all DealCloud data from within the app and filter results to quickly narrow them down.
  • Configurable user experience: Within Edit mode, admins can reorder or hide/show widgets from the web on mobile app dashboards and detail page tabs.
  • Notifications: Push notifications ensure users receive updates and task reminders on their phones, directly in the app.
  • Business card scanner: Users can scan a business card, automatically extract its information, and not only add that information to their contact list but also retrieve information from DealCloud about that individual or their firm.

To download the DealCloud mobile app, visit the Apple or Google Play stores.

Microsoft Outlook web add-in

DealCloud intelligence and email engagement capabilities now integrate seamlessly with your Microsoft Outlook inbox. Many DealCloud users are also heavy users of Microsoft Outlook, switching back and forth between the two all day. With the DealCloud web add-in for Microsoft Outlook, information is all in one place. Dealmakers can tap into the power of DealCloud while they use Microsoft Outlook on the desktop, on the web, or on their phone.

The DealCloud Microsoft Outlook add-in takes a fast yet thorough look at the user’s Microsoft Outlook activity and automatically syncs the body content of emails and events as well as the contact information to the DealCloud web portal. It also enables a number of new features:

  • Search and view DealCloud entry detail pages directly from the Microsoft Outlook add-in.
  • Tag related entries and add follow-up notes directly from the add-in.
  • Drill down into grids and charts configured in the web portal directly from Microsoft Outlook.
  • Configure the user experience via the web portal in Edit mode; admins can configure widget order or hide/show web widgets in the email Reporting pane.

Updates and enhancements to existing features include:

  • Several enhancements were made to DealCloud’s integrated marketing communications solution, Dispatch.
  • The PitchBook offering through DataCortex with 12 new fields that include information about company active portfolios as well as the details about recent deal.
  • The integration with Preqin through DataCortex will now include data about Fund Managers in addition to the existing Investor data. For both Fund Managers and Investors, there’s a wide variety of fields available that describe the specific investment preferences and historical behavior across four asset classes: Private equity, Real Estate, Private Debt and Infrastructure. Additionally, data about key contacts at each Fund Manager and Investor will also be included.

DealCloud is thrilled to continue to provide solutions that drive value for our 900+ clients.

For current clients…

We hope that the enhancements showcased above have reinvigorated your excitement about DealCloud! If you would like more detailed information regarding the Summer 2020 product release, please visit DealCloud University where you can find Detailed Release Documentation.

For future clients…

Welcome to DealCloud! We hope that the Spring 2020 product release has piqued your interest in DealCloud. If you are impressed by the above features, it is just the tip of the iceberg – just wait until you see what else the platform has to offer! If you are interested in our best-in-class deal, relationship, and firm management platform, please schedule a demo.