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How tailored relationship intelligence simplifies professional relationship management

In the world of financial and professional services, it’s all about who and what you know. To discover the highest quality opportunities first, your team must continually nurture their relationships and stay updated on job changes, acquisitions, and other important news.

For time-strapped teams, this isn’t easy. Most professionals struggle to figure out who they need to contact on any given day. And getting up to speed for meetings typically involves hunting for the latest updates in multiple places including LinkedIn, third-party industry news feeds, and internal systems.

But what if you could make professional relationship management easy for your team — let them know which contacts need attention and provide real-time intelligence about the people and companies in their networks — all in one platform?

Relationship signals empower you to do exactly that. Part of Intapp Assist for DealCloud, relationship signals simplify relationship management by centralizing actionable, AI-driven network intelligence in a feed within the Intapp DealCloud platform.

Below we explore how relationship signals work — and how they make it easier for your team to develop strong connections that drive more business for your firm.

How relationship signals work

Relationship signals deliver key insights and actionable suggestions for contacts and events via a relationship intelligence feed that’s accessible from Intapp DealCloud dashboards.

This feed, which is customized for every user, is generated using AI-based algorithms that review emails, proprietary DealCloud data, and information collected from third-party providers via optional DealCloud integrations.

The scannable relationship intelligence feed helps professionals quickly see what’s new and take action using convenient prompts — even when they’re on the go. Using the DealCloud mobile app, professionals can review their feed from anywhere at any time.

How relationship signals support consistent outreach

Preventing key professional relationships from cooling is hard when teams don’t have the time or tools to keep tabs on who they’ve spoken to and when.

With relationship signals, professionals don’t have to worry about whether they’re neglecting important contacts. If there has been no interaction within a specified time frame, they will see a prompt in their feed to reach out.

The relationship intelligence feed also supports consistent outreach by providing contact and company updates that encourage interaction. For instance, if a team member sees that a key contact has been promoted, they can start composing an email to congratulate them with just one click.

Professionals can also mine relationship signals for information that can be used to strengthen connections and stay top of mind with important contacts. For example, if a professional sees a news alert about a fund that’s of interest to a high-priority contact, they can take the opportunity to send that contact a quick note sharing the information.

With relationship signals, teams can view actionable updates for network contacts

How relationship signals accelerate business and network growth

Relationship signals help professionals accelerate business growth by providing time-sensitive network updates that can be used to create new opportunities and drive existing ones forward.

For example, if a venture capital professional sees that a target company is starting to fundraise, they can jump on the opportunity to invest in that round. Or, if a team member sees that a key contact has moved to a company they’ve been trying to partner with, they can leverage that relationship to move things forward.

Relationship signals also help team members establish new connections by providing notifications when new executives join companies in their networks. By proactively connecting with these individuals, professionals can develop stronger ties to existing and prospective clients.

How relationship signals simplify meeting preparation

Relationship signals also help professionals lead more productive engagements with prospective and existing clients via one-click access to meeting briefs. These briefs provide key information on attendees, previous interactions, talking points, and prior meeting outcomes, along with company news and relevant documentation.

Because everything is accessible from the relationship intelligence feed, professionals can focus on reviewing important information instead of spending valuable time gathering it from multiple systems and sources.

After meetings are over, the feed will prompt professionals to log meeting notes and follow up with attendees so nothing falls through the cracks.

How relationship signals support Activator behaviors

Relationship signals also support adoption of “Activator” behaviors that have been shown to increase the average partner-led firm’s revenue by up to 32%. These behaviors were highlighted in a study designed to uncover what makes top-performing business developers different from their peers.

The study revealed that the most successful business development professionals use an Activator approach that includes three key behaviors:

  • Committing consistent time and effort to business development
  • Connecting with others
  • Creating opportunities to proactively engage with clients

Relationship signals help professionals adopt these behaviors — and accelerate your firm’s growth — by providing actionable insights that make it easy for them to consistently engage with their networks, nurture important connections, and discover new opportunities.

Empower your team to work faster and smarter with relationship signals

The success of your firm hinges upon its relationships — but your professionals may not have the time or tools to manage them efficiently or effectively.

Relationship signals transform relationship management by providing the targeted, actionable intelligence your professionals need to build meaningful connections that lead to profitable opportunities. By delivering the right information at the right time, relationship signals empower your team to work faster and smarter than ever before.

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