• Rainmaker Genome Project

    Transform business development at your firm

As the world’s leading technology provider to professional and financial services firms, Intapp collaborated with independent research firm DCM Insights to conduct a survey of nearly 1,800 partners in accounting, consulting, legal, and investment banking firms. The research uncovered what makes their top business developers — AKA “rainmakers” — such effective relationship managers and fee earners.

What separates your best partners from the rest in driving client growth?

From this report, you’ll discover new information about rainmakers and how to enable them at your firm:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of the partner profile associated with the most successful rainmakers
  • Access benchmarks by industry of the 5 different partner profiles identified by the research
  • Learn how to help your organization scale best practices for business development
  • Discover how technology like DealCloud, by Intapp can support the most successful rainmaker behaviors

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Why Intapp sponsored the Rainmaker Genome Project

Intapp enables the unique needs of the world’s leading firms and their professionals. This independent, global research study – in partnership with DCM Insights – uncovers how the world’s best business developers use relationships and technology to perform at the highest level.


What sets top business developers apart?

Matt Dixon, New York Times best-selling author and co-founder of DCM Insights, studied the business development behaviors of 1,800 professional and financial services partners. Now your firm can leverage these findings to gain new competitive advantage.

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